February Half Term 2024!

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February Half Term 2024!

Well, it’s not often I’m glad when a school holiday is over but boy this one can do one! Marred will illness from start to finish it really has to be up there for the worst break we’ve ever had and I frankly feel cheated. On the last day of school I coughed, and I thought that’s odd? I haven’t even got a cough at the moment, then by the next morning I was really starting to feel ful of yet another cold. Since the 12th of January we’ve been running the gauntlet of colds and bugs with me taking centre stage for sinisitis and, as it turns out this time, a chest infection to boot! The girls and I went off to London leaving the boys to Raffie’s dance practice, NCFC watching and for Raffie a sleepover with Gram. I pushed on through the day with George at Asda but the drive home was hairy for I felt so rough by the evening, and next day I was on the floor where I remained until Tuesday. With antibiotics under my belt I then began on the mend but… Picking up my baton came Posie who, on Tuesday slept all day with a high temperature the poor little sausage. Jimmy, who’d managed Monday and Tuesday with Raffie at an NCFC academy football for a couple of days enjoyed it (as did Raffie) but as soon as he got home he felt dreadful. He was sick everywhere (his bed and Raffie’s) that night and by morning his temperature was spiking late thirties. By Wednesday morning he was very much down, and had taken Jonny with him, but Posie was better so I took to girls and Raffie to Pensthorpe. In the pouring rain. Just to get out. It was a mistake as it was so cold and wet but we tried to make the best of it, then, after playing in Hootz House, just before coming home, Raffie lay on the floor and said he felt poorly… By the time we got home to Jonny and Jimmy, still ill on the sofa, Raffie’s temperature had hit 40!

So Thursday came and the girls of the house were OK. Somehow Florence had avoided it all, I was helped by antibiotics and Posie had only had a brief 24 hours down but all three boys were fully under. Thankfully we hadn’t booked MUCH for half term and only a visit to aunty Tory had had to be cancelled while other plans were juggled. I had booked BeWILDerwood for the Friday for the little two and I to meet with friends. Florence had a birthday party Thursday and rehearsals Friday and largely did her own thing and the boys just watched TV like I had done at the beginning of the week, unable to do anything else!

Dosed up with Calpol we went to BeWILDerwood…

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