February Half Term At London Transport Museum!

February Half Term At London Transport Museum!

There’s always a reason to be visiting the London Transport Museum as far as I’m concerned – the amazing price (adult tickets cost as little as £16.50 on line and last for a whole year of unlimited visits while children go free) to get in, the fabulous fun they have inside looking at transport from the 1800s to present day, the play areas, interesting artefacts, hands on exhibitions… So much and that’s not forgetting the cafe and the shop (LOVE the shop – you can buy furniture in the moquette fabric and prints used on London transport)!

And February half term is as good a reason as any other, or should I say excuse for getting to London is a bit of mission for us now we live a 2 hour drive away but we’d always find time for the LTM that’s for sure!

We took a day there yesterday with Feed Felix Fast as part of a whole day out in London and the kiddos had a blast (as always)! My children are well versed in the museum and have loved it since they were tiny but it was the first visit for the FFF lot since the youngest of the family was tiny so it was fab to see it through their fresh eyes – which were wide with enjoyment as predicted!

Our Tuesday gang at the London Transport Museum!

We climbed on and off buses from different eras, had a look at the DLR, drive a train, played on pretend ones and generally had a great time running around the museum getting our stamps. From the lift at the beginning which transports you back in time to horse and cart (the horses talk you know) to 2020 we got to see it all and as always we never get bored!

The play areas are SO good!

Every school holiday the museum put on special activities for the children and this break the topic is Signs and Symbols which runs from the 15th to the 23rd of February and is part of your entrance so doesn’t cost anything extra.

They say:

Discover more about London’s favourite signs and symbols.

London’s transport system is one of the most recognisable in the world. Your mission is to find out why signs and symbols are so important to London.

Visit the Museum during half term and pick up a Museum Mission from the Family Desk. Explore the Museum and look out for the activities you and your family can take part in: discover our collection with object handling, take part in games and role play, colouring in and even some dressing up!

Plus, join us for familiar party games throughout the day in the Transportorium.

All activities suitable for families with children 3-12 – but everyone is welcome!

We had a great time joining in – it’s lush doing all the things we love at the museum we used to visit weekly when we lived in the capital but it’s even better when there’s something new to add into the mix!

And the extras:

There is currently a ‘Hidden London’ exhibition which got a lot of love when I put it on my stories on Instagram. It was fascinating seeng the map of stations no longer in use for trains and even more exciting to see how they use them for filmingg these days. I LOVED the way they had displayed the video montage as it was very atmospheric.

Another area not to miss is the cafe above the shop which is pretty mega and feels like you’re on a train when you dine there in the moquette covered seated booths. We have eaten there in the past and loved the food (I had a burger which was DELISH) and was a bit sad to have not had time to do the same this visit.

I’d also say the London Transport Museum Shop is worth a visit for all your moquette furnishings and lots of other bits and bobs. It’s not a traditional tat shop at the end, they sell really gorgeous things. We were kindly gifted (not as part of our visit) their new block busting, stack crashing game which is a classic gone underground with a London style make-over. Exclusive to the London Transport Museum Shop is Topple Tower where you can battle with your family and friends to see who knocks it over first – bit of fun! Deffo a good keepsake with the London Transport sign on the side and the tube colours used for the bricks. raffie thinks it’s great fun!

Topple Tower Game is £18 in the London Transport Museum Shop on line and in the museum!
Great game, especially when you van convince them picking up the blocks at the end of it is all part of the fun!

We were gifted our entry to the museum.