February Half Term Frolics 2019!

February Half Term Frolics 2019!

Well… Like I always say, time really does fly when you’re having fun and half term this February went by in a whizz and a flash of fun and frolics for us! As ever we tried not to stop for breath and just whirled our way around the days going out with family and friends and having the best laugh all together!

Poor little Florence was poorly for the very first day when Jimmy, Raffie and I went to London to meet up with Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours and went to the cinema with my Mum instead but she soon got her energy back and joined us for all the rest of the fun!

We did lots of our fave days out like trips to the Transport Museum, The science Museum, Sea Life London Aquarium and Shrek’s Adventure in London and we also had fun at Newmarket visiting Palace House with Discover Newmarket and in Norfolk where we had days out at BeWILDerwood, Roarr and Banham Zoo as well as some fun in the park and swimming! Yep… We really did pack it all in and now I feel a bit flat that the big kids are back at school and we are back to normal! My house might get cleaned though and that won’t be a bad thing, man three kids at home is messy – not that we were at home much of course!

Here’s some of my fave pictures from the week!

The boys (baby and big) at Giraffe restaurant when we went to a press event!
At The Sun exhibition at the Science Museum!
Playing at The Science Museum – He’s making his poo face here!
With friends at the London Transport Museum!
A load of happy kiddos after a fun filled day out with Discover Newmarket!
Baby boy walking and being SO independent!
A BeWILDerwood gang!
Always so proud of my lovely girl who looks after her baby brother beautifully!
I’m just so proud of them all and so happy to be in their company always!
Fun at Sea Life London Aquarium!
And at Shrek’s Adventre!
Such a fun day for this one!
And this one!
And some sunshine which just about makes picnicing outside acceptable!
It DEFINITELY makes cartwheeling outside by the London Eye acceptable!
Sibling love on the swings at Banham Zoo!
Such a lucky baby with a brilliant big brother!
And a super big sister!
Although sometimes having a baby brother can drive you to take your slushie and sit on a drain far away from everyone else so that you can enjoy it in peace… Until the baby finds you!
There’s been lots of soft play!
And time with friends!
Never has a photo shown fierce independence so much – this baby found his own mind and mixed it with sheer determination this half term!
And he demonstrated it everywhere we went!
And if he didn’t get his own way he just sat down!
But he mostly had us all dancing to his tune so was pretty happy!
And it was a wonderful half term with my trio… Does it have to be back to school tomorrow? Really?!