Feel Confident On The Beach With Lands’ End!

Feel Confident On The Beach With Lands’ End!

Confidence isn’t about how we look, but how we look is all about confidence. I’ve been bigger and under confident. I’ve been smaller and under confident. Somehow, right now I’ve hit that green cycle phase of being comfortable in my own skin. I can walk in swimwear across a beach in a bikini and feel good about myself in a way that I never could as a teenager and woman in my twenties who was consumed with feeling fat even though I was far from it. Later on, post partum and a Mum who had a body which had changed, become bigger and not at all one that I knew and again I didn’t feel like I could bare my skin to the sunshine. It thwarted fun for me in a way, this lack of being able to look at myself and be happy and I’m not sure what changed but somewhere along the line with I just became at ease.

I don’t know how to gift that part unfortunately, but I can gift you this knowledge, there was no joy in not joining in with swimming on holiday just because I felt like I couldn’t possibly show anyone my body. The reality is that most people are son consumed with worrying about how they look themselves that no one is looking at you anyway but I know… I’ve been there… This doesn’t help. What would have helped would have been something which I could feel slightly covered up in without looking like an old matron and this is why when Land’s End wanted to work with me on swimwear promotion I chose this absolutely gorgeous Sweetheart Swim Dress to wear for them. It’s something I would wear now even with my newfound easy breezy attitude, but it is very definitely an item of clothing in my postpartum days after having Raffie (an emergency C-Section left me pretty immobile and I didn’t lose weight easily) which would have invited me back on the beach without the anxiety of worrying how I looked.

It’s cut so well, Land’s End clothing always is, and it holds you well in all the right places without cutting in. The way the skirt of the dress ties with a knot and wraps round is just lovely leaving a slit for a little bit of skin as it swishes and sashays. I love it. I’ll actually wear it as a sun dress and then I can just hop in the sea in it if I so wish. I can’t begin to explain what a lovely costume this one is and they have a lot of other swim dresses to choose from too! The Sweetheart Swim Dress is currently half price at £55 instead of £110 and boy is that a bargain! I usually wear a UK size 10 and though a 10 would have been fine I do like swimwear to have a bit more give so whatever size dress I am I go up one in swimwear and am wearing a UK size 12 here.

To go with it I’ve been wearing the Crinkle Knit Cotton Short Sleeve High Low Dress which has pockets and falls so beautifully over my frame. It’s long (I’m 5ft 3″) but I like it that way. Perfect for dressing salty, sun kissed skin at the end of the day and soothing to be slipped on first thing in the morning. It’s thick enough to wear for breakfast, yet light and floaty enough to be work as a cover up from the sunshine. I am very pleased with this one and the best thing is that it’s on a mega sale at the moment for just £29 instead of £75.

If I am wearing Land’s End (and I do often), I am always asked about whatever item of clothing it is. From coats to swimwear, I think their designs are classic and in a one size fits all kind of genius they appeal to all ages. I’m a big fan and these items have done nothing to sway that!


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