Fireman Sam – Heroes Of The Storm DVD!

During the summer holidays the children and I were invited to a premiere screening of Fireman Sam’s latest big screen foray, ‘Fireman Sam – Heroes Of The Storm’. We couldn’t make it as we were on holiday so the lovely folks who extended the invitation decided to send us the movie on DVD along with a pretty special Fireman Sam helmet toy to make up for it! Are’t we lucky!

Fireman Sam
Wonderful ‘Fireman Sam’ helmet with a sound button – it’s been pretty loved since it came out the box!

The DVD is just the ticket for the weather right now and has been the perfect antidote to a rainy afternoon. Jimmy asks ALL the time for ‘Fireman Sam’ on the TV so a movie means I have had to less button pressing getting the next episode and as I’m a lazy one, that’s all good with me!

It’s actually a really good film too and although Florence isn’t a major fan of the show herself even she’s very happy to watch a film so with a bag of pop corn and a blanket over our knees it’s been a fab afternoon treat! Fireman Sam, family snuggles and all in the comfort of our own living room!

The new movie on DVD!
The new movie on DVD!

So what’s it all about? Well, the Pontypandy Fire Station has been closed in favour of a new modern station and two new recruits have arrived. While the new station is being built the crew have to work from a mobile command unit and… An approaching hurricane is about to hit Pontypandy!

Up at the mountains, Penny is taking Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James on a pot-holing trip in the old mines.  And at the Mountain Activity Centre, Moose and Tom are using Moose’s new amphibious vehicle to take wildlife photographs, but they haven’t quite mastered the controls and it’s not long before they’re swept out to sea and Sam has to come to their aid.

Elsewhere at sea, Charlie and coastguard Ben see a hurricane has rapidly developed and is heading straight for Pontypandy; they immediately warn Sam.  So it’s action stations as Sam has to rescue Penny and the kids from the old mines, Elvis helps prepare Pontypandy for the storm and Station Officer Steele gathers everyone at the new fire station.

But when a fire breaks out at the new fire station, it’s a race against time as Sam has to hurry back to Pontypandy to help the rest of the team and save the day AND the new fire station!

We loved it! Loads of ‘Fireman Sam’ fun and JUST up Jimmy’s street!

‘Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm’ is released on DVD nationwide on 21st September 2015.

We were sent the DVD for the purpose of an honest review.