Fireman Sam Safety Month!

I’m sure most of us have heard about poor Claudia Winkleman’s daughter who last year, at Halloween, was wearing a flammable dressing up costume which came into contact with a naked flame. Of course it wasn’t her parent’s fault, we ALL dress our children up in these sort of fabrics at this time of year, but before that it probably wasn’t on most of our radars quite how dangerous it could be. Claudia has worked very hard to talk about what happened and educate other parents so that the same thing doesn’t happen and thankfully her little girl is now on the road to recovery. She will be scarred for life and never forget but she was lucky because on that occasion there were people who knew what to do and they saved her life. By talking about the incident Claudia assumingly hopes that nothing like that will happen ever again.

We must all remember that while this time of year can be lots of fun with Halloween lit up pumpkins and bonfire night, we also need to be responsible and THINK before we do anything. Fire safety is something we need to take special care of with our little people around ALL the time but right now, with sparklers, bonfires and the like I think it’s most prevalent that we take stock and pre plan being careful to ensure we are as safe as possible.

Most children love a fire engine, I know that mine love to wave as they go past but REAL fire men are busy working and making sure we are safe so Fireman Sam, a firm children’s favourite, has stepped in to let us know how we can be fully aware of fire safety and launche dhis Fire Safety month! He has some fantastic tips in his YouTube videos which the whole family can enjoy, learn from and use as tools this winter! Take a look at tip 3 all about bonfire night below and check out his channel here!

We think his videos are awesome as the children LOVE fireman Sam. Just this morning Jimmy was begging me to put it on for him BEFORE school – a forbidden form of entertainment in the morning but I really don’t mind him watching these videos at any time! Stay safe and have a cracking Halloween and Bonfire night!

Fireman Sam sent  Florence and Jimmy some umberellas, something else we need at this time of year!
Fireman Sam sent Florence and Jimmy some umberellas, something else we need at this time of year!

2 thoughts on “Fireman Sam Safety Month!

  1. I saw her interviewed about this and it’s clear it was really traumatic for her and her family. I won’t consider buying my little one (or any of his friends or family) one now, I’m also making a real effort to buy British so this would rule out alot of these costumes, anyway the best ones are homemade! Very real risk though, it could’ve been much worse.

    1. Totally awful, could have happened to anyone and she’s of course not to blame but you’d just feel so responsible. Fire safety is so important. 🙂

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