Fun To Learn Hey Duggee Magazine!

Fun To Learn Hey Duggee Magazine!

What do we want from a kid’s magazine?

When I say “we”, I do of course mean “them” as what I look for in a magazine wildly differs from what my children are after however… We may have met a happy ground with the Hey Duggee Magazine. While they look for fun, activities, something shiny on the cover and, with any luck, a mass of stickers, I’m looking for something educational and good value for money with a potential 15 minutes bought for time I can get something done while they read. And the Hey Duggee mag has a great combo of both! Raffie (and I) have found ourselves super keen although Raffie doesn’t call Hey Duggee, “Hey Duggee”, he calls him “silly Doggee”, we aren’t sure why?!

The Hey Duggee magazine is bit like a spag bol blitzed to within an inch so that the carrots are undetectible to the naked child eye. It’s jam packed with learning for littles using the very stickers they so long for when they see the bright shining cover of a mag and think “YES, time to sting mummy for something wholly useless”. Little do they know those carrots are among the pages and yes they will enjoy them without even a hint that it’s making me happy too!

Raffie and I read some of the magazine together matching stickers to pages and activities, counting and finding colours. We followed the directives on the pages and to add to it we also used the pictures and games to make our own activities. We read the stories and coloured the pages and for a good chunk Raffie was able to follow on his own while for the rest of it he needed a bit of guidance giving a brilliant balance between the two. This edition comes with treasure on the front to follow a treasure hunt theme throughout.

The Fun To Learn Hey Duggee Magazine is out now – Head to the website for subscription offers.

Collaboration with the Fun To Learn Hey Duggee Magazine.