George at Asda’s Little Angels Clothing Range!

George at Asda’s Little Angels Clothing Range!

You’ll most likely be familiar with Asda’s Little Angels range for babies and toddlers. Things like their bubble bath, and other toiletries, are my staples from it. We also absolutely love the detangling spray although it’s rarely in stock so I’m sure everyone else knows how good it is too, and I regularly use the Little Angel nappies. Why pay extra when Little Angels ones are so good? That’s my motto but this weekend I got an incredible demonstration of just HOW good they are, because on Saturday, when driving to London (to meet the Little Angels team no less), I spilled a full travel mug of tea into the middle compartment of my car.

With nothing to mop it up with other than a nappy (oh yes) I had no choice but to try and use that to sort it out, and lo and behold it soaked up the entire cup in about 20 seconds, leaving a very heavy, tea filled nappy in place of the ravine of tea. The amazing thing wasn’t this even however (although it was pretty awesome and reminded me of re-creating those sanitary towel commercials when a woman would smile and pour blue liquid onto a pad – like blue liquid ever resembled bleeding from the vag until you want to curl up and die but still…), it was that it was completely dry to the touch afterwards. Like actually DRY, DRY! Not, “oh this could be bearable against my skin for a bit, it’s only damp”, the entire inside of the nappy was DRY. To the touch. Anyway, I digress, I’m sure you’re familiar with Little Angels products when you’re shopping in Asda (and if you don’t use the nappies, then you absolutely should!) but did you know that to run alongside them, the toiletries, baby food, snacks and everything else they do, they have just launched a VERY affordable clothing line too!

It’s bright and colourful with subtle messages of love and acceptance. I was invited with my girls to the launch party and got to see some of the brand new items before anyone else and I have to say, pretty impressive! Co-ords and soft lines with lots of the gentleness I now expect in all George clothing designs while also being hard wearing, with an ease of washability about it. I don’t need to wash any of these clothes to know that George at Asda will have my back already as a busy Mum. They know I haven’t got time to hand wash stuff, spend ages getting stains out and mending areas which have worn badly. So they don’t make clothes which wear badly, require intricate washing instructions or which don’t just wash well whatever temperature you put them on, and in whichever bundle. I love Asda for this because I am NOT great at the old careful washing malarkey! And the new Little Angels clothing range is perfecto!

These were some of my favourite pieces!

The range is super affordable too, starting with pieces from £2.50 it also incorporates another core Asda value, being easy on the pocket. Did you know that Asda don’t just talk the talk, they don’t just promote charities and enable collections? They work alongside and raise masses of funds for good causes all year long, they also pay their staff fairly and value them that way rather than just with words! On top of this in every Asda cafe all over the UK they offer an indefinite children’s meal offer which costs just £1 for a main meal, piece of fruit AND a drink. There’s lots of other deals including a similar one for the over 60s and having worked with these guys for many years I know they are super passionate about sharing their wealth. Because yes they are a profitable business but they also care and put back, and I for one am so here for supporting them because of it!

Take a closer look at the range here in their Instagram reel:

We feel very privileged to have been invited to the launch event, we were treated to a performance of “Everywhere Bear” at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington – that was a happy find for their brand wasn’t it?! Meant to be I’d say and oh wow, what a gorgeous venue with the most delightful performance! After that we were fed and watered and the children entertained while we browsed the new line. Thanks for having us guys!

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