Get Your Seats Right!

Get Your Seats Right!

Four years ago I passed my driving test and have been loving the freedom ever since! How could I have coped without being able to take the wheel and just disappear off wherever I want to go? The notion seems totally alien to me now and after I took my test then drove immediately back to London (where we were living) from Norwich before the next day taking on a four hour road trip to Dorset, I think I set myself up for being able to be brave enough for any journey!

Driving floats my boat!

I love to drive and indeed everything about it. But the best thing is being able to take the kids to new places that don’t live on our doorstep. Last summer and the one before saw me drive 7 hours to Cornwall on my own with the kids and it doesn’t daunt me. I love it in fact. I reckon I could drive and drive for hours and not get bored.

I used to have to rely on Jonny for trips in the car but with the freedom a driving licence has given me it means the kiddos and I can pack up and go anywhere our heart desires even when Daddy has to work – although truth be told we do rather prefer to have him with us!

One thing which is most important of course is choosing the right car seats. These days we have a HUGE car which will fit three big seats next to each other and though Flamey the Venga Bus (our loving name for the beast of a mum car I have) may not be a young person’s dreamer it certainly means my child safety seats will fit next to each other with no hassle and I have to say, as a Mum, that IS the dream!

Good car seats will even fit on the back row of my car so when they don’t feel like sitting near the baby they can have a break!

The right child safety seat is paramount for any parent driving their babes on a road trip and choosing the best one for you is often a mine field. You can find Good Child Safety Seats online at AUTODOC.CO.UK. Top tips when choosing are to work out which type you need based on the child’s weight and height, whether you need a 5 point harness and how long you want the seat to last – some take them through to age 12!

For the children they just know they get to sit next to each other in the same row in the back, for me I know I have the right car and the right seats and that’s what makes a great journey!

Always up for a road trip!

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