Gigaset Phone Home! (The A125 – AReview)

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We have been using a Gigaset phone ever since I was sent the E495 to review a while back and it’s absolutely brilliant. The model we have is fairly pricey though as it does lots of things, withstands shocks and splashes and can even be used as a baby moitor. I was interested to know how less expensive models from the range would compare so when I was asked if I would like to review the A125 by Gigaset I was pleased to be given the opportunity. The A125 is a more basic phone and the price tag matches but I wanted to know if the brand meant quality even when the phone, which can be bought in Sainsbury’s exclusively, isn’t particularly expensive.

Gigaset A125








The Gigaset A125 is neat and compact. The handset sits upright on a small base unit so it is particularly suited if you have little space. Its matt black finish makes it unobtrusive yet the pale grey keys stand out well. It is light in weight and rests in the hand comfortably.Personally I do not particularly like the orange display screen.

To make a call you lift the handset, dial and press the lifted phone symbol. You can get a dialling tone by pressing the lifted phone symbol but the key needs to be pressed and held, a brief press accesses the last number dialled which connects once the symbol is pressed a second time. It took quite a few mistakes before I got the hang of it.

It is easy to follow the instructions to create a directory of up to 50 names and numbers and use the other features such as shortcuts and last number redial lists which stores 10  last dialled numbers. It is also possible to set up a calling line identification, missed call list of up to 25 numbers in addition to network mailbox following the set of  clear and concise instructions. Other features include an alarm clock, a handset paging facility, 5 handset volumes (the earpiece volume can be altered during a call) 5 ringer volumes and 10 melodies. For myself the melodies are synthetic, tinny and not particularly pleasing. There is no option that remotely resembles a traditional telephone ringing sound. All in all though this phone is good value.

So it’s not as amazing as the more expensive phones in the line but then that is to be expected! What is impressive is the price and how good the phone is when you look at it from that angle. Most phones around this price bracket would be rather less well presented so for me it’s a winner!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the phone for the purpose of review.



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