Glittering Garden Hatchimals – Review!

Ok, well we’ve ALL heard of the now famous Hatchimals but did you know that there’s a new Pengala on the block who goes by the same name only this time he glitters! Yes, you heard it right, Hatchimals are now available in the glittering variety and my two couldn’t WAIT to get their hands on one.

They have, in fact, been after a Hatchimal for a very long time so were super thrilled that this brand new shining version came into their mitts and they have spent absolutely ages teaching it how to be a proper Hatchimal ever since it, well, you know, hatched!

Hatching… Nearly!
Out it comes! Peck, peck, peck – it’s really very clever!

I had suspected that the hatching was the main event given the name I’d been reluctant to try one assuming it would be a one hit wonder. Once it’s done, it’s done, surely I thought?. But, I was kind of wrong; although the hatching does indeed only take place as a one off event and it’s a little bit sad when it’s done, the real wonder of play happens afterwards! Remember the Tamigotchi from year’s ago? Well it’s a teeny bit like that only a bit more kid friendly what with it being a soft toy and I’d say it’s a cross between one of them and the incredibly irritating Furby (only children like Furbys I swear)! It’s all the best parts of both with the added bonus of being a ‘creature’ looking ‘creature’ which is better than the hand held game of a Tamigotchi of old and yet isn’t at all annoying which is WAY more appealing than those awful Furbys. The fact you can make a Hatchimal sleep is SUCH a positive and removes the element of toy murder which may, or may not have befallen a certain Furby who came to live with us. But then I’m not saying anything more as anything at all could of course be incriminating. Let’s just say we no longer know where he is… Lost in the abyss of toys perhaps. I can’t see the same thing happening to our Glittering Hatchimal as the children love it and really and truly it infringes upon my life very little.

  • I have not been kept awake by it.
  • I have not had to work out how to use it myself.
  • I have not been driven demented looking up ways to exterminate it on the internet.

For those three reasons alone it gets the thumbs up from me and seeing as the children were only allowed to bring a couple of toys on our holiday this week and one of them was unanimously decided to be the Hatchimal I can safely say their little thumbs are up too!

Yes very pleased!

Take a look at our Vlog review of the Glittering Garden Hatchimals by Spin Master below:

I guess they are a bit like anything really and fashions come and go with toys as much as clothing. This Hatchimal is still very much IN WITH THE IN CREW despite being on the shop shelves for well over a year though so I can’t see him going anywhere soon and now with the new glitter he has added we find him ever more appealing!

See, he’s rather sweet really!

Collaborative post.