Have A Doughball Adventure At Pizza Express And Win Prizes!

Pizza Express is one of our firm faves when it comes to dining out with the kids in tow – in fact it’s a firm fave regardless of the kiddos but one of the beauties is that when we do take them out to dinner we know that PE is going to cater for them both in the sense of the food AND the welcome!

They are always given a special pack to entertain them as they choose their food and then wait for it. There’s not a broken crayon in sight and I can only deduce that the someone somewhere who came up with the menu and puzzles has children of their own because otherwise they are just a genius. Word searches, places to draw, fun facts… A Chef’s hat to decorate AND… The best bit of course, a pack of stickers – what kid doesn’t love a pack of stickers?! They are also ALWAYS given a pack of Crayola twist pencils which DON’T break so are never a disappointment!

This of course is all on top of the food which is mini versions of grown up dishes we know they will like and comes, for £6.95 with dough Balls, pizza, pasta or salad, a dessert and a Bambinoccino – HOW could you say fairer than that?! Well, I dunno but they always do as mine inevitably want to order ‘off menu’ or ‘on old menu’ and they always do their best to make what the children are after. Happy kids in a restaurant is happy parents – phew!

Always happy with their food in Pizza Express!

And now the fun pre and post meal just got even better because, for my daughter at any rate this is a brilliant addition, they have just announced an area of competition!

Pizza Express are CALLING ALL PICCOLO ADVENTURERS and with their activity sheet they will now be offered the chance to WIN a Family Adventure Holiday and much more by designing a doughball character and writing their own story adventure – Florence has now written three! She really wants to win a holiday – frankly so do I so I’m sending them all in!

Do you have little story wizards like me? Fancy winning a family adventure holiday?! Course you do, get to Pizza Express and get your little ones entering!
Florence had written her first story by the time we left Pizza Express in Bluewater last week and has been working on another couple ever since!

The food at Pizza Express, which is always loved by Florence, took second place when it was realised there is now a story writing competition and doughball characters have been the order of the day ever since! We had another lovely meal at Pizza E last week and both children got thoroughly into this new competition associated with their kid’s welcome pack.

Yet another delicious Pizza Express meal!

And when the kids are that entertained waiting for food, that able to enjoy their meal and that inspired afterwards to write a story to try and win a holiday… It only calls for one thing! Desert!

Yum, yum, get in my tum! My best and most favourite desert at Pizza E (honeycomb cream slice) washed down with a mint tea!
And Piccolo desert for the bambinos without forgetting that all important Bambinoccino!