Glo Glo Scooter GO!

Scooting is all the rage at the moment, you only have to look at all the children on their journey to and from school to see that! It’s an absolutely good thing that in this lazy nation of ours it has become the ‘cool’ thing to do as it may very well be ‘cool’ and fun of course but it is also exercise!

Even in Florence’s nursery a lot of the children are scooting to school and leaving it by the wall ready to come home again later. Some of them, even though they are only three or four, are really super fast! Florence has been watching them all and wishing that she had a scooter too. She has had one in the past but it wasn’t a particularly good one. It was called ‘My First Scooter’ and that was about all it ever really could have been! There was no way she could properly scoot on it as it was so stiff and small so she really needed a proper one like everyone else!

I spent a long time looking at them and some are massively expensive, even as much as a hundred pounds for some brands! I wasn’t sure if she would need two wheels at the front or if she would be better starting as she means to go on with just one wheel? In the end I was offered a scooter to review for the blog so I thought I may as well see what it was like before I made any big purchases. I had decided that Micro Scooter was probably the one we were going to buy as even though it is the most expensive it is the one almost everyone else has, I thought that must speak for something?

The one we were offered was not a Micro Scooter but instead made by Zinc. I’ve seen them and thought how lovely they look, especially as lots have flashing lights, but I had not seen that they make them for children Florence’s age. For some reason I thought they were for older ones. We were sent the Hy-Pro Glo Glo Scooter available at Tesco for just £19.90 which is a fraction of the price of a Micro and it is suitable for children aged 5-8 according to the box. Florence is only three, a very small three as well however she has been able to use the scooter with no problems! The height is adjustable and she can absolutely stand on the board, hold the handles and see over the top all while scooting. I’m not sure why they say 5 is a better age?

It came out of the box ready made and all Daddy had to do was adjust the height of the handlebar with Alan Keys provided. And then it was time to use it! It took us a while to figure out that we didn’t need to buy new batteries to make the wheels flash and that they were already included so for the first time we used it we told Florence the flashing wouldn’t work… Eventually she just decided to flick the switches herself and showed us that they did indeed work! Ha! That showed us then!


Flashing wheels!

The wheels flash red, blue and green and look very good in the dark! You can definitely see them coming which is a great safety feature not that Florence will be scooting in the dark on her own but for an older child perhaps it makes a good point and they look superb so Florence is very pleased with that! She’s rather pleased with the whole thing!


Scooting home from school!

For a girl who hasn’t really done much scooting only having had the odd go on a friend’s then she soon picked up the hang of it and is now happily scooting fast to school like her friends. I think one of her favourite parts is just the parking of her flashing pink scooter on the scooter wall outside nursery and admiring it next to all the others! She certainly enjoys the actual scooting too though!


Parked outside nursery!

The board is good because it has a sand paper feel grip to it meaning she is less likely to slip off it and of course we like the flashing wheels! It’s also very slimline which is great for storage as folded it takes up very little room! They come in lots of colours and styles and other models are sold in Argos as well as Tesco. The only thing I might change about them would be to perhaps give them a rubberised effect on the handles instead of foam. It’s soft and comfortable to touch but easier to scuff! Ours already looks a bit worn from having been up against the wall!


Easy to use and easy to store!

All in all this is a fab scooter and an excellent price! Florence loves it!


Fabulous scooter fun!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the scooter mentioned for the purpose of review.


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