Graduate Fashion Week Winner Designs Collection For George!

I love clothes and fashion and I especially enjoy buying lovely things for the children to wear. There’s so much choice on the high street these days and something which accommodates every purse, you can even buy not just clothes, but lovely clothes in supermarkets.

I myself have noticed that the majority of clothing I wear these days comes from purchases made whilst doing my grocery shopping and it’s not just because the price is right, that’s merely a bonus, it’s because the clothes are mostly really very good! Fashionable, contemporary, well made and of course, not particularly expensive. What’s not to like?

Even before I had children, less money and no time, I wore lots of things from George at Asda. I come from Norwich and in the City centre there used to be a dedicated George store, sadly it’s closed down now but I bought so much from there back in the day. I had much more disposable income then and definitely had a pocket to shop in more expensive places but the clothes were always so fabulous that I could never resist a purchase or twelve. The actual Asda store was always quite difficult for me to get to so when the George store closed down I rarely shopped there anymore. When we were somewhere else or near an Asda I would always make a special trip in to buy something George because I missed the shop!

Living in London now and quite close to an Asda, I find I am buying from George again regularly. These days I’m happy to report that the quality and price hasn’t changed! I am buying clothes for not only myself now of course but the children too and with children’s clothes George really comes into its own! The ranges are always brilliant and I don’t say that lightly. I like the fact that they’re more affordable than even the other supermarkets but the most impressive point is that they are well chosen. A misconception might be that their clothes are cheap looking and less classy than other places, I can assure you if they were, I would not be writing this post. Asda’s George obviously have very good buyers. It’s not surprising, I have blogged a lot for Asda in the past and have come to learn about their ethos and the way they do things, their people are passionate and care, so naturally their buyers are of the high standard that continues through the whole shopping experience.

It’s convenient for shoppers to pick up clothing when in store but they wouldn’t do it if the items weren’t right, full marks have got to go to them for ticking the boxes for their consumers and I will continue to buy children’s clothing there because they remain great value too! They have a new clothing line for girls with a very interesting story behind it. The range is small but completely different to everything else, not only in their own ranges but to anything else I have seen this year, as they have all been designed by a Graduate Fashion Week winner! George sponsor Graduate Fashion Week and have taken on the designs of the 2012 children’s wear winner Harriet Simons to make a small capsule collection (with items from £8) of eleven items which are on sale now!

The eleven girls wear items are all really individual; I am particularly keen on the jumpsuit and dresses and we were lucky enough to be asked to review three of the dresses from the range.

Harriet Simons George Bird Print Dresses
The three dresses with a bird print design by Graduate Fashion Week winner, Harriet Simmons!

The All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress is absolutely beautiful. Cotton which is light and summery, easy to iron and soft on the skin with a lovely tiered effect skirt. I like very much that it is lined which makes it look and feel very special. It’s a very unusual print and the colours are bright and distinctive. For £8 it has to be said that it’s an utter bargain!

Harriet Simons George All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress 2
The All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress is long and flowy, perfect for summer!
Harriet Simons George All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress 1
We really like this dress!
Harriet Simons George All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress
Great for casual or something special!

The second dress we got to see in the flesh and try on for size is the Bird Print Dress With Bow Detail which is also incredibly unusual. Because of the bow and the way the skirt falls out in an a-line style it’s more of a party dress to look at but it’s not lined and would be perfect for a balmy summer evening on holiday. I love the bird which has a distinct feel to it on the fabric and I think this one might be Florence’s favourite, it’s not hard to see the appeal! Again this dress is just £8 which is remarkable considering how detailed it is!

Harriet Simons George Bird Print Dress With Bow Detail 1
This one is very out of the ordinary but is still very pretty. Quirky but pretty, we like!
Harriet Simons George Bird Print Dress With Bow Detail
Again, not out of place in the garden but neither would it be for a birthday party, something to stand out from the crowd in!

Last in our little fashion show is the dress I myself like most from the collection. This one is a little shorter and a little more ‘different’ still! The Printed Cotton Shift Dress uses similar colours and prints to the other two but it really is quite alternative and unique! I love a bohemian feel and look for Florence and often without really trying she looks very eclectic. This dress incorporates the style that suits her so well and looks just as good with a pair of blue wellies, as we used for the pictures because we were in the garden after a wet day before, as it would a delicate pair of sandles. This is a shift dress and I think could quite easily transform into a smock top with leggings once she grows out of it as a dress. Again and as with the other two dresses, it looks far more expensive than the £8 price tag!

Harriet Simons George Printed Cotton Shift Dress
A beautiful print in my Mum’s beautiful garden!
Harriet Simons George Printed Cotton Shift Dress 1
A little bit shorter, a little bit more fun and a little bit of a change from your average style of dress!
Harriet Simons George Printed Cotton Shift Dress 2
This one is my favourite!

All three dresses have a back button fastening and are 100% cotton. I think the fact that they have been designed by a Graduate Fashion Week winner is all telling throughout the collection, these are quite probably a little bit of history in the making and for certain to be snapped up while you can. When I chose the pieces we would like to review, the Bird Print Jumpsuit wasn’t showing on-line but I think I might get that too now that it is!

I have to say, doesn’t my Mum’s beautiful and huge garden look amazing in the pictures! It too is an eclectic mix of design – we enjoyed taking the photographs in it very much! I used my Nikon D3200 which is the camera I am learning photography with. You can catch up with my picture taking journey under my page Picture Perfect!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the dresses pictured for the purpose of review.

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  1. Eowyn has the dress with the birds!! It gorgeous right?! I love asda clothes. Xxx Florence looks yummy in them xxxx

    1. Aw does she! We should go out with the together and confuse people more to if they’re related! ;-)x

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