Fashion With My Nikon D3200!

I use my new Nikon D3200 for most of the photographs on my blog these days. Mainly because I find it very easy to use now that I have been on my course but also because the picture quality is out of this world! I won’t say I’m 100% proficient in using it yet, far from it, I’ve lots to learn but the course I took with Nikon helped unlock the language for me and I’m doing much better I think! I love using it, the results are so satisfying that I can’t help but want to get better and better!

I still use it on automatic modes for sure, it takes me a while to think properly about setting a shot up on manual settings, although I am getting quicker, but I really enjoy the kick of getting the picture right when I am choosing the settings myself. I just love the portraiture style where the subject is in focus with the background blurry and it lends itself to fashion rather well too. I have been doing a bit of fashion blogging recently and am very pleased with the pictures I’ve taken.

PO.P 3

PO.P 4

These two are from my post Polarn O. Pyret! This was just after my course and I was trying to use the window as a light box! I would LOVE to have lots of equipment like light boxes to play around with but a window works very well. These might be a little dark but I’m still pleased with my efforts.

LB Sun DressLB Swim 2

And these two are from my post Little Birds Ready For Summer – With Mothercare! It was really hard getting the lighting right on the beach because it was SO bright in the sunshine but I’m really pleased with the results!

Harriet Simons George All Over Bird Print Cotton Dress 1

Harriet Simons George Bird Print Dresses

Lastly, these are my most recent fashion photographs from my post Graduate Fashion Week Winner Designs Collection For George! I’m really thinking about location for my pictures now. I want the fashion ones in particular, to look really, really good! Choosing my Mum’s garden for this post was because the designs of the clothes are very eclectic and bohemian which is exactly like her garden.

I have received some lovely compliments recently so I know I am getting better. One PR girl said she thought the pictures were equally as good as the professional ones they had of the same clothes so I am utterly thrilled with that!

I have not been paid to write about the Nikon D3200 but I have been sent the camera for review. I choose to write about it on a continued basis as I am enjoying learning and feel it is relevant to my blog.


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