A Heinz ‘Grow Your Own’ Update!


As you may know, we have been growing tomato seeds given to us by Heinz for their ‘Grow Your Own’ challenge!

Anyone can join in, just apply to get some FREE seeds from the Heinz Facebook page and get planting! Share your pictures for the Greenhouse Photo Gallery, Attend the Tomato School, play the Tomato Game and read all about how Heinz grow theirs, as well as getting some tips and tricks for growing yours! Heinz grow their own varieties for their sauce which is the inspiration behind getting us to grow ours too! It’s really good fun and because the shoots grow really quickly it’s a good plant to grow with children!

We went to my Mum’s at the weekend and our latest update is that we have planted our little tomato plant outside. It was a bit touch and go as we had a little DVD avalanche in the car on the way to my Mums and the poor plant was on the floor… But, it’s made it into a pot outside and is neighbours with a bean plant in the same pot!

Florence really enjoyed the gardening she did with my Mum this week. It’s a cheap and easy activity to do with little ones which should have a satisfying end result!

Planting 4
Planting up our tomato plant!

I was not paid to write this post but I have been offered an incentive to enter the ‘Heinz Grown Your Own Initiative’. The incentive is a hamper of goodies if I keep updating you on our own growing journey. I have to say though, for this challenge, there is no incentive needed as we are more than happy to grow our own tomatoes and blog about it, but it’s jolly nice of them so we thought we’d let you know!