Mole Removal – Healing Process In Pictures!

As you might know, I had two moles on my face removed last week at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic with Dr Adam Friedmann. Dr Friedmann, a Consultant Dermatologist suggested that it may take between 7 and 10 days for the black marks left by quarterisation to fall off and for my face to start looking better again. I know it could take 6 months to heal completely and for the scars to be more unnoticeable but I am already, happy just one week later.

I did start to worry that the scar round my eye looked rather bumpy but it seems to be smoothing out now and the mole under my nose seems to have the very edge of the mole left but I think only I would notice that! I can’t believe how quickly it’s getting there!

The black mark came away after a couple of days for my nose but the one near my eye took a bit longer. It hurts a bit on the area round my eye but then it is a very tender area so I’m not surprised.

This is just a short blog post to let you see how I’ve healed in just eight days! The black mark down my nose in the first photographs, I think, is where I bled inside the skin. It soon disappeared and there was only one outing I decided I couldn’t possibly go on looking the way I did! Now with a bit of makeup or plasters and you can barely notices, obviously I’m not wearing make up in the pictures.

Mole Removal Healing 6 Mole Removal Healing 7

Dr Friedmann recommended using Vaseline to aid the healing process but I’m using Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream as I use it for everything and I think it does an amazing job on scars and marks. I’m also putting breast milk on them – I swear that stuff is like magic!

In a month or so I’ll blog again to show you how I’m looking. I’ll tell you about why I like Dr Friedmann so much and about how having them removed has made me feel! For now, I’m just so happy they’re gone!

2 thoughts on “Mole Removal – Healing Process In Pictures!

  1. Hi,

    What treatment did you go through to get them removed ? Do you have any more recent pictures ?


    1. Hi Lucy, I just had them sliced off as it were. There;s a whole section on my blog about it. There are also lots of pictures of me on my blog so do take a look. Absolutely no trace of the one by my eye at all and just a tiny bump near my nose as it didn’t fully get removed but I might have that done again at some point. Thanks, Ruth

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