Crafty Glasses And Delicious Sparkling Wine!

I’m Going away for the night this weekend for a friend’s 40th birthday. We’re going to a spa hotel where as well as pampering, I intend to try and sleep as much as possible! There will also be alcohol!

I’ve bought some sparkling wine from a friend who works at an independent wine merchants in Essex. He recommended NV Blanc De Blancs, Charles Pelletier and I know his recommendation will be perfect – we’ve drunk wine he’s recommended before! My friend says this wine is made using a ‘champagne method’ but it’s from Burgundy and that it always goes well for parties. Perfect for my weekend away then!

There’s definitely something more satisfying about buying wine from an independent merchant rather than the super market. I suppose it’s the difference between buying meat at a local butcher or vac packed from the big conglomerates. Not only are you supporting local business but you’re buying from an individual who really cares about their business, what they are selling and has put their personal reputation on the line with their choices.

Ten Acre Wines are, like I said, based in Essex but they will ship anywhere you want, even over seas! They have decades of wine buying knowledge and always want to offer the best quality, individuality and value for their customers. I think they’re very impressive and even if I wasn’t friends with them then I’d still be saying that!

To go with the sparkling wine, I have been a bit crafty (and thrifty let it be said) and hand decorated some champagne flutes for everyone going away for my friend’s birthday. I re-used some champagne flutes that I had left over from my wedding (there were loads) and using a glass lead piping pen I wrote everyone’s names on the glasses. I then stuck beads into the piping while it was wet and let them dry. The glasses were only a pound each from Marks and Spencer and I had the beads and pen left over from other projects. I’m rather pleased with the result!

Crafty Glasses
My crafty home decorated champagne flutes!

I have not been paid in any way to write this post.