Half Term February 2018!

Half term was just last week but already it feels like weeks ago… Why is it that when you’re having fun the time flies on by and when you’re bored it seems to take an age?! Not fair huh! As per usual I had my lot here, there and everywhere for the holiday and we had heaps of fun, I just wish I could have them out of school like that more often because a week simply isn’t enough!

They were back to school Monday and it’s been busy, busy ever since then so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to write about our week which saw us visit Newmarket’s National Stud, catch up with loads of friends in London and spend a good deal of time in the swimming pool! What else?!

Here’s some of my fave pics from last week which I am loving looking at as this week is mega different. Florence has gone away on her first ever residential with school for TWO nights so I’m missing her like crazy and wishing we had lots of fun planned together instead!

BeWILDerwood in NOrfolk, a fave place of ours! It has a new wishing fire and this is what Florence wished for – that girl!

A crisp day in Cromer!
Lazy days!
Fun days!
When Sabina from Mummy Matters met Raffie at the Newmarket Stud last week!
Grandad, Grusie and Auntie Phoebe came to visit!
London for this lot!
Which tired us all out!
Especially this one who had to be carried one armed while I pushed the buggy with the other and relied on Florence (who was just as tired) to keep up!
But we loved it and visited some of our old haunts like the Science Museum where my Grandmother’s Baby Daisy, a vacuum cleaner she donated to the museum in the sixties, is still on display!
We hung out with the Modern Mummy gang!
Stayed with friends in Leytonstone where the big kids consider themselves to be from of course so are always pleased to visit!
We went to Dinosaurs In The Wild!
Explored around the o2!
Went to Shrek’s Adventure!

And swam LOT!