Half Term Treats!

We had been hoping for some stonking weather over half term. Like the kind we’d experienced the weekend before when it was so sunny it felt like we were in the Med. Alas, as with any bank holiday weekend the May Day half term week was more Britishly typical and quite literally poured down for most of it!

BBQ Rain

We’d gone to stay at my Mum’s in the hope of garden games and long days outdoors; instead we took soggy walks to the shops and had BBQs under umbrellas!

That is NOT to say we didn’t have fun though! We had a great time and it didn’t stop us from doing much of the things we wanted sunshine for. Like the BBQ which we had regardless, we still played in the garden, had picnics and enjoyed all being together!

And then when we came back to London the sun finally shone! The very last day of half term and the first of June saw a brilliant start with blue skies making us want to put on our summer frocks! We were off to see In The Night Garden Live at the o2 early so with optimism that the bright day would last I made a picnic, packed some toys and off we went!

In the Night Garden Live was awesome and we had our picnic in the show dome! Warburtons sent us a little half term sporty treat of a ‘Brownlee Brothers play kit’ along with some of their yummy half and half bread. We’ve long been fans of the wraps and thins (which are awesome by the way) and now we have found out we love the half and half rolls too! Even Daddy has been having his lunches made with them as he says they taste a touch sweeter than other rolls. They’re like white bread but have the goodness of brown so it’s win/win as far as I’m concerned and the children have been enjoying them every lunch time!

Warburtons post

A Warburtons half and half picnic!

After the show we went to play in the fountain outside the o2! We had so much fun with the football and cones Warburtons sent to us and got soaking wet!

o2 fountaino2 Fountain Fun

Fun in the fountain – Thanks Warburtons!

Still clutching the ball we decided to end the morning with a trip on the Emirates Cable Car over the river! I thought it was a bit scary but the children LOVED it. They looked out for boats, the Olympic stadium, our house (we could nearly see it) and little tiny people walking up the dome.

What a view!

Well, with a day still full of sunshine, some great toys under the buggy and tummies full but not quite full enough to say no to another roll we finished the day with a jaunt to the Olympic park!

Half term may have been wet and cold mostly but you only need one sunny day to put a smile on faces!

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Warburtons very kindly sent me some bread and toys for over the half term period.