Half Way Through The Holidays!

Half way through the holidays and I keep hearing people say they are tearing their hair out with the kids. I don’t know if I’m a rare breed or a little bit crazy but for me, I just see the days running away as quickly as they can and I want to hold on to each one. There’s a film, is it ‘About Time’? where he gets to re-live days and so he does one normally with the frantic pace it would be and then the next day he gets up and re-lives it all over again only this time he takes in every little moment. A simple smile at the woman in the coffee house, a few minutes extra to appreciate his child’s drawing meaning he’s a bit late for work… I can’t remember if that’s the film or not but that’s how I would love to live life in an ideal world. In light of the fact that I can’t do that I am trying to just appreciate all the moments the first time they happen. I am, as ever, taking ALL the photographs so that we can re-live them visually and I am enjoying every second of having the big kids home. I don’t want to wish the time away and look forward to the days when they are in someone else’s care for the majority. I don’t want to steam ahead to the days when other people get to have their company for most of the day. I don’t want to wish them older too quickly… I just want to be in the here and the now and I want to be with them. I love being with them and I realise it’s not very fashionable to say this but it’s the truth!

We’ve two holidays for the last half of the summer. The last three week’s away first in Cornwall and then in Menorca so I have been trying to fill the first three weeks with six weeks worth of days out and fun. I like to pack it in anyway but with half the time to do all our faves it’s been mental. And brilliant. And sandy! I love the beach so any given opportunity and we are there. Mainly in Cromer but occasionally in other places too and with the summer we’ve been having it’s been a sun up to sun down affair! Family, friends and a whole lot of fun! And the beach!

And here are my pictures… So I can re-live the moments… In the spare few moments I have! Happy summer everyone, I hope that you are having as much fun as we are!

We kicked off the summer with Camp Bestival as ever. It rained at the end and we got sent home early but boy the first bit was worth it! These guys!
Swimming at the Holiday Inn fills any spare minutes! Actually we have to make spare minutes because we all go crazy if we don’t swim!
But it’s the beach which has my heart!

A rare moment away from Cromer in Overstrand!
Always happiest when digging a hole. Or, as Florence has found to be a winner, cuckooing on other people’s then taking all the glory!
My three!
This girl!
With great friends at Africa Alive!
Oh and back on the beach with my Mum!
A Daddy day! He’s been working too hard recently so we love having him home!
Mermaid tails is the other favourite at the moment and this one is on Wells beach. She’s stood in a cuckoo hole then I built the tail behind her!
Boys and their sticks!
Being with friends makes any holiday!
Especially when it’s at the beach!
Emma and Florence dancing in the Cromer carnival!
Oh baby boy!
These cheeky littles!
Fish and chips! In Cromer of course! My friend came to stay and while we picked up where we left off a couple of year’s ago so did the kids which is mega when they’re so young – good kids that what it is!
Love this gang!
You can’t grow and old friend!
And this one! This is at Time and Tide in Great Yarmouth!
Jimmy’s hair suits the summer!
There was a seal in the water with them would you believe! This is Great Yarmouth beach. Now Yarko is not my bag but the beach is beaut!
Introducing their little brother to their favourite face in hole fun!
Gressenhall is a fave of ours!
We’d go for the park alone!
There’s always a horse and cart ride or a tractor ride!
And the kids love this horse for some reason?!
We took some friends as my annual pass (£96 for a family of two adults and as many children as you have) gets in all the kids for free!
I think they enjoyed it as much as we do!
More beachy fun in Cromer with Jonny’s family!
And Florence has discovered surfing… Oh my!
Her first lesson was a good one!
The obligatory fish and chips supper before home!
Think this boy is half sand now!
If it’ not surfing it’s boogie boarding!
She is just so happy in the water!
As am I!
And this one just wants to be building. Or being buried!
Which Daddy is happy to oblige!
But we are getting him in the water slowly!

The days are full and long and happy and I am so thankful! I just wish I could pack more in as there’s so many things that we haven’t done! The Go Go Hares in Norwich and BeWILDerwood for one but alas… Can’t do everything! So Saturday we are off to Cornwall and then a week later we head for Spanish waters. I will rest when we are there and do nothing much at all! Ha… As if!