Healthy Living!

Eat less, exercise more!

And I think that’s just about the best way of getting healthy and staying trim. Yes, it’s January and the whole country is on a diet and although I too want to lose weight, I just want to try and do it without any faddy diets or silliness. I figure if I eat less and exercise more then that should start me off nicely.

I’m still going to have days when I eat the wrong things and probably way too much because I love food but instead of balancing those with days of starvation (a trick I have been using all my life to keep the weight off and way before the famous 5:2 diet came into play) I figure I’m going to just try and make better food choices most of the time…

I’m going to drink lots of water because it’s good for the skin, I’m going to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and I’m going to do some sit ups and squats every day. I’m also going to try and choose foods which are filling and therefore I will want less of them. Brown rice, bananas that sort of thing!

Before Christmas I was invited to try the Tesco Healthy Living range which has some new products and is following pretty much the same guidelines that I want. Healthy, filling and full of goodness. Still tasty mind! I tried some really delicious treats (which aren’t really treats of course) and the children liked them too! They’re not a bad price either and the best news of all is that there is a chocolate sundae which is just delicious – you could even be fooled into thinking it’s a bit of a wicked indulgence desert and not the 139 calories it actually is! From ready meals to salad dressings, cheese and deserts, the range has it all and it’s all designed for a healthier you!


Some of the Tesco Healthy Living range!


Tasty and enjoyable even for my little eaters!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was asked to an event where I got to sample the range for the purpose of an honest review.