Heat Up The Sauce!

I love a bit of traditional Heinz and when it comes to certain products, you just can’t beat them! Tomato soup and ketchup definitely don’t taste the same unless they’re from this iconic brand and there’s something rather satisfying about simple beans on toast for tea…

But Heinz aren’t ALL about the traditional and they do like to branch out now and again! I really enjoyed trying their twists on traditional flavours of soup for example and now they’re back with something else to tickle our taste buds!

In March a range of versatile sauces will hit the supermarket shelves which can be used as marinating, glazing or dipping sauces! They’re special Chilli Sauces and are packed with flavour!

Heinz Sauces

The new sauces from Heinz!

I was sent the range in advance to try and I think they’re great for zshooshing up a plain meal or providing a bit of extra spice to dip with! I absolutely LOVE the Sweet Chilli flavour which is quite mild and tangy. It’s not at all like other sweet chilli dipping sauces but is rather lovely all the same! I’ve been enjoying mine with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich but each bottle comes with pointers as to what food it goes best with!

Heinz Sauces

The new Heinz Sweet Chilli sauce with my ham and cheese toastie!

I was sent the range of sauces in return for an honest review.