Hello Summer Holidays 2020 – Week One!

Hello Summer Holidays 2020 – Week One!

The summer holidays for 2020 may look a little different post pandemic lockdown but we have been making, and will be continue to make, the very best and most of it – we have 7 whole weeks off together before school resumes for the big children and Jonny and we don’t want to waste a second. This week we have been gifted some nice weather, a couple of days out, time with family and friends and we’ve had a lot of fun which is what it’s all about. We have adapted well and week one has looked a little like this!

Day one was a family trip to BeWILDerwood which was distanced and felt very safe!
It felt really good to see them enjoying themselves on a traditional family day out!
We all had a brilliant day!
Tuesday we bit the bullet and went to the shops to buy Florence some shorts and flip flops. She’d had a growth spurt and we just couldn’t find what we were looking for on line. Of the three shops we went into two of them were faultless in their care (John Lewis and Primark) and the other was diabolical and we will not visit again in a hurry (Super drug)!
We took a bike ride out to Ketteringham Hall Wednesday so that we could picnic in the grounds and then have an ice cream from the cafe. We arrived to discover they are only open Thursdays, Fridays and the weekends so we took our picnic into the woods we discovered during lockdown and loved and had it in there before playing lots of games. It was one of those days which wasn’t intended to be much but turned out to be pretty special!
Thursday we went to the zoo with Gram and as soon as we arrived we bumped into Jonny’s mum, Dad, niece and nephew so it became a real family affair!
WE socially distanced even if the zoo was pretty rubbish at it in general!
Gram had a blue slushie – long story!
And despite a lack in the care front from the zoo (in my opinion) we had a great day albeit a bit stressful at times negotiating the other people of which there were plenty!
We missed taking pictures on Friday but we went to the common for a picnic with pals. Saturday we went on a bike ride to our egg farm where we shopped for eggs all lockdown. The cafe was open and we disappointingly had a very expensive and very mediocre cake which came with service without a smile. I remember thinking this before when I went when Raffie was a tiny baby so eggs yes but everything else is a big no no for us. I even thanked her for upping her hours which helped over lockdown and she was still surly and rude and when she didn’t give us one of our cakes suggested I hadn’t paid for it when I had. What a way to run and ruin a business which could be really good!
We got caught in the rain on the way home!
And Sunday was a sunny day at Wroxham Barns!
What a lovely day we all had!

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