Hello Summer!

How has it been a year since I was writing about Jimmy going off to big school? Seems bonkers how quickly this year has gone but alas gone it has and today marks the first day of the summer holidays for my terrific two, the last before they become a trio and we are going to make the most of every single holiday day that we have because before we know it, 6 weeks will have flashed past us and they will be starting Year Three (what?!) and Year One and life will be a little different with a baby in the mix!

They have had a great year and despite some hiccups with other girls (whatever) Florence has EXCELLED in year two. Her brother has done the same in his first foray into real school life and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Their end of year reports were exemplary and deserving of treats for each of them – something I will obviously ensure over the holidays! The work reports were brilliant which is so wonderful to be told but not nearly as wonderful as all the gorgeous things said about their personalities. They are kind, they are funny, they are helpful, they are friendly, they are just pretty good people actually and happy to boot! What more could a Mummy ask for?!

We had a fun last couple of week’s of term both in and out of school and with sports day fun and performances it was great to taste a speck of their life when they are there – I don’t half miss them! I am SO looking forward to this holiday! SO excited to have them home ALL the time. It’s simply divine that Jimmy said ‘Awww, I’m not going to see my teacher for SOOOOOOOO long, I will miss her’ (he’s going back into her class and she’s ACE so we feel very lucky) and Florence said ‘I’m very sad to leave my teacher…’ (she is moving up to the junior part of the school) but I’m just glad I don’t have to miss them so much for the next few weeks.


A few end of term obligatory pics… Well, what blogger worth their salt doesn’t do first day/last day snaps?!

Going in and out of Year Two! (Darn non school uniform day ruining my blogging aesthetics, I thought about putting them in uniform just for the picture then told myself to STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOGGING ANAL NEEDS!)
Starting Reception (with a very creased jumper – the shame) and his last day – we are so thrilled he stays with his same teacher next year because she’s wonderful!
My lovely two!

Florence has been learning the uke for the past year and a half and she is definitely a chip off the old block (her Daddy, not me) because she has written, on her own, a beautiful song! I’m so proud of how clever and talented this is! Her Daddy and she both say writing songs is, you know, NOTHING, but perhaps this is because it’s a natural talent… I can’t imagine ever writing anything which sounded like a song I could actually sing to people but her whole uke class have learned how to play Florence’s song. A couple of them from her class wrote little ditties and it was only really when she played me other people’s musical musings that I realised QUITE how talented she is. Hers is amazing while the others are kind of how you’d expect a seven year old to write a song – I might be biased but seriously! I’m going to record it soon (Well, Jonny will) and I’ll show you!

A performance on her uke with her class, her pal to the left is one of her besties and luckily this little ladies mama is one of mine now too – feeling very lucky to have such great friends at the end of this year – we didn’t deliberately put them in the same print dress but they do say great minds think alike.

Of course sports day happens in the last part of the term and We got to spend the whole day at school with them for this. Their school do races in the morning then a picnic lunch for the whole family followed by more races in the afternoon. It was a bit of a long day and I’m not sure it needed necessarily to be that long (it was cold so not quite as pleasant as last year) but gorgeous all the same to spend the time with them and get that little view into their world at school!

And that’s IT! The Reception and Year Two school year Sept 16 – July 17 is well and truly done and dusted!

We are off to the theatre to see Wind IN The Willows in the West End today so let the fun begin with the start of lots of summer treats I say! We have a week in Cornwall, A camping trip with the friends I mentioned above, Camp Bestival, lots of days out and hopefully time on the beach with possibly another camping trip in Cromer to look forward to. LET’S DO THIS!

My funniest bunnies have gone from this!
To this! And don’t they look happy about it!