Drusillas Says Hello Kitty!

When we went to Drusillas Park for the first time last year we absolutely fell in love with it! It was Jimmy’s first birthday and for the whole day he was able to just run around and not be confined to a buggy. The park is such that it is completely safe for a really small one to do this and everything just seems to be at a height which caters for all. It really is one of the best places I have ever visited with the children!

There are animals and lots of them! From a red panda to flamingos with creepy crawlies, birds, meerkats (we LOVE them) and lots more in between and along the pathway of the zoo there are interactive stations for children (and Daddies) to participate in. You can collect a stamp book and stamp each animal off on the pages as you go round or you can get a zoo challenges book and write down your scores compared to animals in things like ‘Can You Run As Fast As A Cheetah?’!

There’s also lots of interesting information for the adults and even just the history of the park is a jolly good read! The zoo is enchanting and they have thought of so many details most missed by lots of other places we visit. It’s not that other places aren’t great because often they are but it’s like someone at Drusillas is just somehow in the absolute know and has taken it to the next level!

When the zoo comes to the end of its tracks the next thing you have is a massive play park with slides, climbing frames, trampolines, a sandpit, a zoo jeep to drive, swings… Oh! Absolutely LOADS and with lots of areas for differently aged children! Last year Jimmy was just a little too young to enjoy most of it but he was WELL in there this time and climbed up super high with Daddy! And Florence was absolutely in her element too. I love it because the area is just so open so even though it is huge and divides off into sections it is really easy to keep a track of where everybody is!

Then you reach Thomas The Tank Engine! You will have seen all his friends as you go around the park but just after the play area and picnic tables you can pop to the station and actually have a ride on Thomas! Sit in Clarabelle or Annie and see the animals again from your train carriage! Jimmy thought it was WONDERFUL!

We were lucky because it was a lovely sunny day and next we got to thoroughly enjoy the splash down area which is actually a bit more than a splash area without being a full on swimming pool. The children cooled off a bit in the water but we didn’t stay too long because right next door is the latest attraction and major draw for us, Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden!

Florence had been looking forward to this so much and it was a brilliant way to finish off the day like the cherry on the cake!

Drusillas Park Post

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty sits in her house as you enter her garden and you can have a cuddle before taking a ride on one of her three attractions! At just under a meter Florence was tall enough to go on them all but didn’t want to try the first ride which is a ‘reach for the sky’ hopper ride as it was a tad too scary for us! Loads of older children were loving it though!

We did however spend ages going around and around on the cars and tea cups! There wasn’t much of a queue for anything and we all thought it was pretty special! It’s small but perfectly formed and with loads of information as you go round on the cars about Hello Kitty! Did you know she has a twin sister called Mimmy or a boyfriend called Dear Daniel? I thought I was pretty up on Hello Kitty but it was all new to me!

Florence is a typical 4 year old girl, I don’t know one who isn’t a Hello Kitty fan! She thought this was simply amazing and it made the day! Which was already pretty amazing don’t forget!

Take a look at ALL the fun we had at Drusillas and Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden!

Drusillas is a short drive from Brighton where we stayed the night before and from Hastings where we were going but I have friends who regularly take a trip there driving just for the day from East London. It is very easy to find and a pleasant drive through some stunning countryside! It is absolutely worth a visit! For more information please see www.drusillas.co.uk.

I was offered complimentary tickets for the purpose of an honest review.


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  1. This looks awesome! I’m definitely going to take Zoe one Friday soon (not because I’m slightly obsessed with Hello Kitty, not at all~).

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