Home Finishing Touches!

Home Finishing Touches!

We just reached the three year anniversary of moving from our small London flat to our big Norfolk house and would you believe it, we still haven’t furnished or decorated all the rooms yet! This house needs a LOT of furniture and I’m always reluctant to do anything or make any purchases until I know exactly what it is that I want. Often this means a long wait when it comes to décor… Drives my husband bonkers!

Saying that, we’ve finally (‘finally’ and’ nearly’ are similar right?) got the kitchen sorted with a new (to us) table – something that we’ve been waiting ages for until just the right one came up. And of course in typical fashion, though it’s perfect in most ways, it does need painting! Well… Need might be a strong word but I want it to have white legs and chairs to match so that it can brighten the place up a bit. We have the table, we know what we’re doing, we just haven’t QUITE found the perfect moment with three kiddos around to sand it all down and begin my project. It will get done, it just might take a while longer that’s all!

I’m pretty pleased with the kitchen – I just need to find time to sand the table and paint it!

And everyone’s bedrooms are pretty sorted so on my hit list to do next are the down stairs cloakroom, my under the stairs cupboard (it’s going to be a sort of pantry) and the boot room. We have this fantastic space and it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the house but it’s not finished with painting and generally looks unloved – which it is not so I need to rectify that!

Lions Home is a bit of a one stop shop when it comes to items for the home and if you’re like me and get restless after a little while of looking then it’s perfect because it’s all under one on line roof so to speak! If you want to dress up the office then they can help you with that! If you want to kit out every room in your house they are again the main man! And if you’re like me, just looking for inspiration and a few bits and pieces to finish off almost complete projects then again I can recommend them!

I’ve been looking at their hallway furniture and because they stock so many brands I really don’t have to look anywhere else anymore. I’ve been struggling trying to find a unit for the boot room that will fit into one specific place and now I’ve found the ideal thing on the Lion’s Home website – just wish I’d looked there first!

At some point soon the boot room will be complete and finishing touches like a unit to the right of the door will make it a real showstopper when you first walk into our house!

I love home décor but I do lack enthusiasm for completing projects – especially when the shopping takes away the fun as I find it so time consuming. I’ll be looking at Lion’s home much more now that I know about them – they also have some fab mirrors and we are in dire need of those (not one in ANY bathroom in this house would you believe) so now that I’m on a home décor role watch this space!

I collaboration with Lions Home