Hotel Chocolat – The Signature Christmas Collection !

Chocolate. Is there anyone who doesn’t like it?

I remember when Florence wouldn’t eat a thing! Weaning her was incredibly difficult because she basically refused everything. Except chocolate! Even my health visitor (and we all know what pains in the bum they can be) told me to just give her a little bit of chocolate every day if that was ALL she’d eat…

And Jimmy, well, one of his first words was a very clear CHOCOLATE! Think that speaks for itself!

Their Father is a complete chocaholic too, so much so that I actually have to hide all chocolate if I need it for something or want to save it! If there’s chocolate in the fridge he’ll devour it! And he doesn’t even mind what sort. For me, I’m more about quality over quantity and if I’m having chocolate then I prefer them to be boxed and beautiful. They obviously have to taste amazing too and I like something a bit different, a bit special!

Christmas is the season of chocolate as we all know and it’s a time to really indulge as far as I’m concerned. I see there’s a place for low quality choccy wrapped in gold coin foils but where it’s at for me is still the fancier box of something special!

I was sent a box of The Signature Christmas Collection from Hotel Chocolat to try before the festive season really kicks in. Oh it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! (Secretly I don’t think Hotel Chocolat really need any endorsing as everyone knows it’s amazing but who am I to complain?)

Hotel Chocolate Post

The Signature Christmas Collection from Hotel Chocolat – £25.00!

The thick round box is gorgeous and when you slowly open it to reveal such pretty chocolates it’s almost like opening a box of jewels. A large selection of 19 chocolates all with beautiful designs so much so that each one is like a little piece of art. It’s hard to imagine eating them for a second… But a second it all it takes! It was always going to be unlikely that these particular Christmas chocolates lasted until Christmas!

With the Pistachio Prailine being the centre piece and probably my favourite I have to say that they are all absolutely delicious. Delicate, classy and full of yumminess! No, I didn’t eat them ALL, I do have people on hand who like chocolate in this house to help me out as I mentioned… But I’m not saying I couldn’t eat every single one because I absolutely could!

These would be the perfect romantic gift or just lovely to bring out after dinner on Christmas day! So there you have it! I selflessly put myself forward for a review of these chocolates so that I could recommend them to you. Doesn’t that just show what a lovely kind sharing person I am! What’s that? Can you have one of my chocolates? Urrrr…. NO! get your own box!

Hotel Chocolate Post 1

Oh yum!

Hotel Chocolat’s grandest selection of exceptional Christmas chocolates – darks, milks, dark and whites rich with spirits, pralines, fruits, caramels and rare and vintage cocoa. The selection: Rum & Raisin Truffle, White Caramel Praline, Pistachio Praline Crunch, Hacienda Iara Salted Caramel 90%, Hacienda Iara 63% Ganache Milk , Christmas Mess – Dark, Mulled Port, Nutmeg & Almond Praline, Cranberry Cup, Christmas Stars, Caramel Supernova.

I have not been paid to write this post but i was sent a box of the chocolates mentioned for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. Mouthwatering!
    Did you have to test them all yourself? Or did your family help you. Reading your review just bought back a great memory for me. When I first had our baby Delicious Daddy bought me a huge box of choccies from hotel chocolate. I still have the bag! They were very very tasty and a special treat.

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