A Hotter Mum – Hotter Shoes!

A couple of month’s ago I wrote about my very first experience of wearing Hotter Shoes. I had never had a pair myself and had assumed that they weren’t really for my age bracket on the basis of nothing much other than the fact my Mum wears them. I was so surprised when I went shopping there myself, with a view to wearing their shoes on my own two feet, to find that actually, they are well and truly up my street indeed and I have been totally wearing the dickens out of my Belle Boots ever since! They are nubuck, knee high biker boots and are beyond comfy (that’s a bit of a Hotter trade mark) but… They look AWESOME to boot (boot, get it?!) Look!

Me in my new 'walking about everywhere boots' boots!

And it got me thinking… Prior to this shopping experience where I found not only the one pair of boots that I liked but many a pair I could have easily have walked away with not to mention the truck of gorgeous bags and I wondered why my lovely Mum has worn the same two pairs of shoes year in and year out. It’s these two styles, one summer and one winter, that have made me assume that’s all Hotter Shoes had to offer and so I asked her why she never changes it up a bit. I mean her style is fine but I thought, after seeing the other styles, perhaps she was dressing a bit too old for her age… She wasn’t very keen on the idea.

These are my Mum's winter boots for 206. And 205. And 2014. And 2013. And 2012... You get the point... A different pair each year ut the same regardless!
These are my Mum’s winter boots for 2016. And 2015. And 2014. And 2013. And 2012… You get the point… A different pair each year but the same regardless!

‘I wear those two styles because they are comfortable. I garden a lot and walk everywhere so I don’t need stylish I just need comfort’. She was fixed… ‘But’ I pushed, ‘What if you could have comfort AND style’ and she simply just informed me that this wasn’t possible.

So I explained…

‘The lady in Hotter Shoes told me that if you have a pair of shoes with this particular style sole then they will have another pair with the exact same sole, which will fit and feel exactly the same but might look different’. She still wasn’t convinced.

So I asked her to let me give her a challenge. I asked her to come shopping with me to Hotter Shoes and pick out another pair of winter boots. Not anything like the winter boots she usually has but maybe something a different colour, perhaps even with a different length to them.

My Mum accepted but was absolutely stuck on the fact that nothing else would fit her as comfortably and when we got to the shop she started asking for the pairs which were as identical to her own as they could be without being the same…

What about these instead?!
What about these instead?!

No, no, no, no, no… This wasn’t what we came for so I asked her, politely, just to indulge me and to try on something she would never usually do. How about this pair of knee highs I said holding a pair of the super soft leather on the foot boots with equally as soft nubuck on the leg Mystery Boots (£89). She almost snorted and said, rather humeringly, that she would try them but really there was no point as they wouldn’t fit her around the calf OR across the top of her wide foot. Because they NEVER do…

The shop assistant told us that they came in both a wide fitting and a half size so my Mum reluctantly agreed… I thought, at this point, we would be there for hours. I could see this being a painful experience with no one being very happy at the end of it but… I kid you not, she put her foot in that boot like Cincerella and half a second later she had it!

The Hotter Shoes moment!

Hotter Shoes moment!
Hotter Shoes moment!

Now this isn’t new to her, the Hotter Shoes moment I mean. Remember, she has been wearing Hotter Shoes and ONLY Hotter shoes for years but… Only those two different styles… The woman has gone so far as to track down her preferred summer sandal (after it was discontinued) to a tiny shop in Scotland and bulk buy it for future summers to come. She only has one pair left from the haul now and on the way to the shop said ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do when this pair wears out’! Well I think we DO now!

Aren't they beautiful!
Aren’t they beautiful!
Oh and while I was there I spied yet another bag for me... Can't resist!
Oh and while I was there I spied yet another bag for me… Can’t resist!

My Mum has seen the light in her Hotter Shoes moment for she said she knew instantly that they were perfect for her. And she now realises that just by looking through the window she cannot judge a shoe as being uncomfortable… I’m so pleased for her and so pleased that she actually has something fashionable to wear too (I would wear these boots any day myself, the others, not knocking ’em but they aren’t for me)!. I KNOW she doesn’t care about fashion all that much and most of the time is gardening but we ALL need a pair of shoes to make us feel good from time to time and I know these ones do just that. You know what they say, ‘feel good and look better!’ Then you look better and feel even better still and the cycle continues! Want to know HOW I know? Well, as soon as we left the shop she went straight to M&S and bought a long flowy skirt to wear with them. My Mum NEVER wears skirts because, yes, you guessed it, she’s ALWAYS in the garden! But… She now has a pair of boots AND a lovely new skirt to wear with them. I am going to make sure she has something lovely to go to so she can wear them before she tucks her gardening trousers into the top of the (very roomy) boots and starts digging the flower beds in them! And I’ll get a picture to add to this post of her donning them!

Leaving Hotter Shoes that little bit hotter and definitely happier!
Leaving Hotter Shoes that little bit hotter and definitely happier!

These boots are perfect and hey, though they may not LOOK like they have comfort at the forefront of their agenda (I mean, they’re beautiful aren’t they?!), I assure you, if my Mum is wearing them, then they must do!

My Mum was gifted a pair of shoes of her choice in return for an honest review.