Hotter Shoes For Spring/Summer 2023!

Hotter Shoes For Spring/Summer 2023!

I’ve worked with Hotter Shoes in the past but only in the winter when they’ve very kindly gifted me long black boots, one of the stapes of my winter uniform (anyone else have clothes they religiously wear for the whole of a season that inadvertently become a uniform) and very comfortable they’ve been indeed! See, the thing about Hotter is that they don’t just make shoes to look great on your feet, they make shoes to gift as much comfort as possible, foot care is kind of their thing!

So, when I was invited to try some of their shoes from the SS23 range I jumped at the chance to have a try of some double comfort summer shoes. I love my Docs from last summer, don’t get me wrong, but I just thought wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of sandals in this coming season’s colour way without having to break them in? Because with a Doc the breaking in HAS to be endured before any level of enjoyment can be had in the wear. Once worn in they’re great but it’s a whole lot of work (and agony) to get there. By comparison, a Hotter sandal I have since discovered, comes already feeling like an old slipper. Only it doesn’t look like one!

I was sent a pair which I ordered on line, The Flare sandals (£89) in the colourway “Multi Tan” which I obviously wanted to wear immediately. Only the weather hasn’t been conducive so I made like a European on a package holiday in the 70s and paired them with socks – I actually love it!

Then I was invited in store to choose a second pair after I’d had my feet professionally measured by their state of the art measuring machine which takes photographs of your feet from all angles to decide on your correct shoes size, The information is stored and kept for any future trips and it was fascinating to see my feet being measured like that!

It was then the tricky decision of choice… More sandals (and in which colour?) or trainers…

Sorry folks, I had to go sandal again! I say sorry because so many people messaged me to tell me to get the trainers I tried on! Apparently they’re a best seller and with the zip make them so easy to put on and take off, you don’t even have to undo the laces. Manager of the Norwich store Kylie told me that they also have this incredible comfort in the heel which is now squishier than ever but… I’m a sandal one tracked minded person at the moment and I had to do it! I got the Tourist Sandals (£89) in the colourway “Olive” because I could just see myself in a long black maxi wearing these on the beach this summer!

What do you think? Have you become Hotter at Hotter Shoes yet? You might want to give it a go!


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