How much are number plates?

How much are number plates?

Ever thought about getting a private number plate?! I know I’d like one!

What is a private number plate?

Every vehicle must have a number plate, however, if you don’t want an average number plate, you can purchase a private one instead. Although it will come at a cost (whereas regular number plates are free) a private number plate is a popular option for many drivers these days in the UK.

No Longer are private number plates an item of luxury for the rich and famous. These days they make popular gifts for new drivers and are a great accessory to add character to your vehicle.

Number plate regulations

The DVLA are extremely particular with vehicles rules and the same holds true when it comes to their regulations on number plates. Both regular and private number plates must comply with the DVLA’s rules, otherwise you could face a fine if your plate is regarded as illegal.

First of all, all characters on a number plate must use a black font, with the front plate having a white background and the rear a yellow one. Along with this, it is important that nothing is blocking the characters on the plate. Any obstructions such as stickers or signs will be illegally placed.

Likewise, characters on a number plate must be written in ‘Charles Wright’ font, the standard font you will see on most plates. And against most people’s belief, you are not allowed italic fonts. The only other font allowed is the 3D version of the ‘Charles Wright’ font.

Where can you buy number plates?

If you’re looking to invest in a private number plate, the problem won’t be trying to find somewhere to buy one, it’ll be choosing from the different options available. One of the easiest ways to buy a private number plate, like most things is online. There are website specifically created for buying and selling private number plates, such as One sites like these you can search for your ideal number plate and they will provide a list of similar number plates on sale.

As well as number plate specific websites, you can search on regular buy and sell websites for number plates, such as eBay and Gumtree. Although, there may be less choice on sites such as these as it hasn’t been set up primarily for the sale of number plates.

Other places to buy number plates include car number plate auctions. The DVLA hold number plate auctions each year, as well as being able to purchase them directly from their website.

How much are private number plates?

As private number plates have become increasingly popular and available, the price of them has dropped considerably. It is possible to purchase a second-hand private number plate for a few hundred pounds.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still expensive plates out there. The more popular a plate is then the higher the price. Similarly, pre-1960 number plates (cherished) often fetch a lot of money because they have less characters are therefore there is more room for creativity. As well as this, old plates have no date on them, this means that you will not be able to tell the age of your vehicle by looking at the registration plate.

If you’re looking to purchase a private number plate one of the best things you can do is be patient. The market fluctuates all of the time depending on the demand, so if a number plate you want is looking expensive now, it might be worth holding on in-case the price drops and it becomes more unpopular.