How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby

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When you bring home a new baby, most people in your household are going to be really excited for the new addition. However, your dog may be confused and upset at first. This is especially true if your dog has never been around a baby before. When you think about it from their angle, it’s understandable. Not only can the new addition be loud and messy, he or she will also be demanding. Your dog may quickly show signs of jealousy when your new baby becomes the center of attention.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to introduce your new baby to your dog to minimize confusion and jealousy. Read on to learn more!

Start with a good flea treatment

The first step is to make sure there are no unwanted guests in your home before the baby gets there. Apply a good flea treatment to your dog weeks before the baby is due home, and then keep up with the treatments on a regular basis. There are many you can choose from, such as spot-on treatments, shampoos, dips, flea powders, and even oral medications. Check this link for safe and better options on flea and tick treatments that are readily available on the market

Introduce gradual changes

Before your new baby comes home, slowly make any changes to your dog’s routine that they will need. For example, you may have to change where your dog is used to sleeping, so don’t wait until your baby comes home to do so. If you do, your dog will associate that change with the baby, which can be confusing to them. You can also go through the motions before your baby arrives, such as walking around with an empty stroller.

Slowly decrease the attention you give them

Your dog will always need attention, with new baby or not. However, you don’t want to give your dog a ton of attention up until the baby comes home only to have it come to an almost stand-still when the time comes. A few weeks before the baby gets home, begin to lessen how much playtime and attention you provide your dog. That way, they won’t be quite as jealous when the new human gets more attention than they do, at least at first.

Let them adjust to new sounds

A new baby can be loud and demanding. Let your dog adjust to the new sounds that he or she will hear by playing a recording of different baby sounds before the baby comes home. Allow the recordings to play for different lengths of time to get your dog used to the fact that a baby can cry and fuss for hours.

Greet your dog first when you get home

When you come home with your new baby, make sure you don’t have them in your arms when you say hello to your dog. Even the best-behaved dog can get excited and jump on a new baby, possibly scratching or hurting them.

Carefully allow your dog to meet the new baby

Your dog shouldn’t get too close to the new baby right away. They will be able to see, smell, and hear your baby, so allow them to adjust this way before you actually show them the newest addition to your home. When a few days have passed, put your dog on a leash and have someone else hold him or her as you allow them to sniff the baby. While your dog does so, make sure you pet and praise them. Remember, your dog should approach the baby, not the other way around.

Create a safe space for your dog

As humans, we all need a safe space for alone time, right? Your dog is no different. Make sure he or she has a place that they can go to when there is a lot of activity going on, especially when your baby starts to crawl. It can be their bed, a crate, or a gated room that is out of the way of the family. Your baby or other children should be kept out of their “safe” space at all times. It’s also perfectly fine to keep your dog from going into the baby’s room.

A new baby can be a challenge to everyone in your home, even your dog. Remember, even the most patient and loving dog can snap at a person they are unsure of, so give them the time they need to get used to your new arrival. They will end up being the best of friends in no time!