How To Make Your Garden Fascinate Potential Buyers

How To Make Your Garden Fascinate Potential Buyers

How To Make Your Garden Fascinate Potential Buyers

It’s no secret that most of the UK population love gardens, which explains why 87% of households have one on their property. Many say, keeping a garden gives them peace of mind. More importantly, UK real estate research over the years lends credence to the fact that most potential property buyers prefer houses with well-maintained gardens. Obviously, it took an appreciable amount of work and dedication to keep these gardens in tip-top shape. Below is a compilation of some helpful garden tips that improve the value of your home. 

  1. Add style and oomph to your existing seating areas

If you are ready to put your property up for sale, it’s recommended to have a well-staged outdoor garden. You can get the right look by styling those seating areas in the garden. However, it shouldn’t be any regular seating as those ones have no vibe. Instead, invest in garden furniture that blends stylishly into the space and the immediate outdoor environment. You have the option to build a pergola in this area. This adds to the overall aesthetics of the garden.

For an enhanced appeal, having a hammock installed can help increase your home’s value. It’s worth noting that most buyers in the UK love to invest in a property with a welcoming outdoor space. This is likely due in part to the pandemic and the series of lockdowns that compelled residents to stay home. Moreover, the outdoor seating area in the garden could be a great spot to receive guests. A foldable outdoor table adds even more appeal for barbecue parties or family get-togethers during weekends.

  1. Protect the garden perimeter

Especially when you have young kids and pets, fencing the garden may be an excellent thing to do. Dogs especially may pee or end up chewing away at roots, leaves, or flowers in the garden. Meanwhile, young kids may be tempted to pluck everything in sight. For these reasons, it’s recommended to have an appropriate protective railing with a gate that locks both ways. Apart from the privacy that it offers, a fenced garden enhances personal safety. There are several perimeter options, and these include timber, steel rods, bamboo, or decorative rattan fencing.

However, you may want to consider composite fencing as they have extended longevity. You don’t have to worry about moss or wood rot because, with just water, your composite fencing will look good as new. Moreover, for the next twenty to thirty years, this particular material will be worth the investment. This makes a huge difference for a potential buyer looking for low-maintenance garden fence options.

  1. Have pathways constructed in the garden

Depending on the layout of your home garden, you may have to look at the prospects of constructing pathways there. The material options are endless for your pathways, from pavement blocks, gravels, seashells, cobblestones, or ceramic tiles. These deliberate walkways add structure, beauty, and function to your garden. For an enhanced appeal, try lining these pathways with decorative but durable building materials. Known as garden edging, they create crisp, fine lines and distinctions between your garden and the walkway. An alternative to consider is hedges or shrubbery to line the pathway.

  1. Repair worn-out structures in the garden area

It could be your fence, deteriorating railing, broken deck pieces, or any other structure in the outdoor garden area that takes away from its overall appeal. Remember that creating a good and lasting first impression can make all the difference in whether a buyer expresses interest in the property or not. Signs of deterioration in the garden area can make your house look unkempt and unwelcoming. Even worse, it creates an image of an unserious property seller. Subsequently, that can negatively impact sales even if the main property looks good.

Contrary to popular belief, a property’s curb appeal dramatically influences perceptions. Therefore, never assume that your property is located in a high-demand area and will sell, regardless of how it looks. Buyers are more discerning than they used to be some decades ago. This is why it’s a great idea to get a trusted friend to tour your premises to identify areas in your garden that require upgrades. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes to get it right.

  1. Dual-function garden illumination

The best well-maintained garden can look tacky at night without good lighting. However, it’s not just about fixing a light bulb in the garden. Instead, it is the strategic positioning of lighting that creates an ambience when it’s dark. Moreover, garden lights are great at enhancing the beauty of the landscape too. With a careful search, you will find ornamental garden lights that display the beauty of individual plants. 

Additionally, while you’re indoors, a beautifully lit garden at night is better than staring into a void of darkness. While you’re thinking of artistic presentation, a strategic garden illumination takes care of security. Keep in mind that most burglars love the cover of night or poorly-lit areas to perpetrate crime. So you’re better off having an alluring garden that increases your safety and holds great potential returns for property value. 

  1. Spruce up your garden turf

In the UK, the best garden turf is created with the seed mix species. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see a bit of ryegrass, fescue, and smooth meadow grass on a single lawn. Each grass type has unique characteristics and when put together, it is a sight for sore eyes. Try your best to maintain your lawn to avoid your lawn looking like a bald patch or an overgrown farm meadow.

A well-manicured lawn looks neatly cut, is short (at ground level) but still maintains an attractive colour without exposing the soil underneath. Admittedly, when you have a pet dog, an exposed lawn may turn into brown patches of soil (from dog pee and digging), which destroy the appeal of what should have been an expansive spread of green. 

Hopefully, you see now that your garden means more than a colourful spread of flowers and vegetation. Apart from the apparent aesthetics, it makes a significant difference in real estate, security, and property value. Therefore, before putting your house up on the estate market, ensure that your garden aptly meets the growing demands.