How to Navigate a Family Move to Hertfordshire

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How to Navigate a Family Move to Hertfordshire

In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to navigate a family move to Hertfordshire.

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Embarking on a family move to Hertfordshire is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and consideration. Whether driven by a job opportunity, a desire for a change of scenery, or other factors, the relocation process can be both exciting and challenging for families.

Hertfordshire, with its picturesque landscapes, historic towns, and vibrant communities, offers a unique setting for a new chapter in family life. To ensure a smooth transition, families need a comprehensive strategy that encompasses everything from choosing the right neighbourhood to acclimating to local customs and services including that of solicitors in Hertford and local estate agents.  

This article serves as a guide for families navigating a move to Hertfordshire, providing insights surrounding key considerations before taking the plunge. Let’s delve in…

Why is Hertfordshire Popular With Families?

Nestled in the South East of England, just 28 miles north of London, Hertfordshire has a lot going for it. Whether you choose the city life in Stevenage or a picturesque village like Much Hadham, this popular region of England has something for everyone.

As well as reasonable property prices, Hertfordshire enjoys fantastic school ratings, an abundance of lush green belt countryside and some great pubs, restaurants, independent shops and museums.

Compared with neighbouring London, the pace of life in Hertfordshire tends to be relaxed and its residents are, on the whole, extremely friendly and welcoming.

Another compelling reason for making the move to Hertfordshire is that it is listed as one of the safest counties in the UK with a reported crime rate of around 26.1. This is great news for those looking for a safe place to raise their children.

Navigating a Family Move to Hertfordshire

If you’re considering making a move to Hertfordshire, there’ll be a few things on your To-Do List and, in this section, we’re sharing tips on how to navigate a family move to Hertfordshire:

Selecting a Location Within Hertfordshire

Spanning 634 miles, Hertfordshire is made up of a number of cities, towns and villages; all of which offer something different. It’s therefore important to ensure that you do your research and then spend some time in the places on your short list in order to get a feel for each and to check that they have the amenities that your family will need.

Often, a town will look good on paper but, in reality, doesn’t have the right vibe so making the time to visit can help you to avoid a moving mishap.

Public Transport Links

When moving your family to a new location, transport links may be important for getting you all to work or school. While Hertfordshire has fantastic links into London should you or your partner be commuting, you may also want to check out the local public transport in your chosen area as well as parking facilities.

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Consider House Prices

Depending on the part of Hertfordshire you want to move to, property prices can fluctuate quite widely. For example, while it’s possible to bag a family home in the village of Apsley for around £223,000, city prices can be considerably higher – particularly the cities closest to London. While online property searches can be helpful, your best bet is to get in touch with a real life, old school high street estate agent.

Why? Employees at high street estate agents will usually tend to be local – often having grown up in the area – which means that they will be well placed to advise you on the best areas for families as well as helping you to get more bang for your buck on the property market.

Education Opportunities

Hertfordshire boasts some excellent schools, colleges and universities including the University of Hertfordshire and West Herts College and finding a place for your child is usually easier than it may be in major cities such as London.

When looking for a school for your child, it’s important to check out the admission dates as these may differ from your current location so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out.

Employment Opportunities

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that Hertfordshire has great transport links for those looking to commute into London but there’s also good news for those who prefer to work closer to home.

The region boasts some of the UK’s top employers including Affinity Water, Premier Foods and Orbit Biomedical Ltd as well as employment opportunities in local and independent companies.

A Hertfordshire Area Review in 2017 notes that ‘there are more jobs per resident in Hertfordshire’ and so finding work in your new location shouldn’t be difficult. As well as online resources, most areas of Hertfordshire offer real-life recruitment agencies to help you find the perfect job in your new region.

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The Hert-beat of the South East…

With house prices falling in the region, there’s never been a better time to make a new home in Hertfordshire. With great schools, plenty of stunning countryside and an eclectic range of restaurants, galleries and museums, Hertfordshire is fast becoming the number one choice for those looking to leave behind the high costs and fast pace of London for a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in 2024.


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