How To Remake Your Bedroom For The Best Sleep Of Your Life

How To Remake Your Bedroom For The Best Sleep Of Your Life

According to experts, insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects some 30 percent of adults. For a variety of reasons, we struggle to drift off into a deep slumber and get the rest we need. 

Part of the problem has to do with our bedrooms. We’re just not designing them in a way that will encourage us to get the shut-eye that we need.

In this post, therefore, we take a look at some of the ways you can remake your bedroom for the best sleep of your life. 

Hide Your Electronics

In case you didn’t know, your electronics are adversely affecting your sleep. It’s not just because they’re distracting, but also because they emit blue light that tells your body it’s time to wake up. 

Worse still, it’s not just your smartphone causing the problem. Your cable box, clocks and other devices all emit the wrong kind of light if you’re trying to drift off. 

The best policy therefore, is to hide your electronics or remove them from your bedroom entirely. 

Sleep On A Better Mattress

Your mattress has a massive impact on the quality of your sleep. If it’s cheap and nasty, it won’t provide your lumbar spine with the support it needs to stay in a neutral position. And that can lead to extreme levels of discomfort over time. 

Ideally, you want your mattress to provide a balance of support and softness. The best products use a combination of springs and memory foams.

Get Blackout Shades

Light coming through your windows from the street can also affect your ability to sleep, especially if you live in the city center. But blackout shades could help. These prevent virtually all light from entering your rooms when closed, providing you with the darkness you need to drift off naturally. 

Don’t worry if you have a mirrored bedroom furniture set and want to capture the light. Just open your shades in the morning and your entire room will lighten up. 

Make Your Bedroom All About Sleep

Here’s another essential when it comes to sleep: you must make your bedroom all about sleep and nothing else. It should be the place to go when you want to rest, not watch TV or do anything else. 

This is important because it’s training for your unconscious. When you do nothing but sleep in your bedroom, it trains the brain to switch off whenever you enter the room. You know it’s working when you find yourself yawning the moment you step into it.

Try to avoid other activities in the bedroom. Many people read or stream their favorite shows. But doing this often prevents the body from entering sleep mode. 

Choose Sleep-Inducing Colors

Lastly, try to fill your bedroom with sleep-inducing colors. Ideally, you want cool colors that help to lower blood pressure and heart rate, preparing the body for rest. 

According to the researchers, the best bedroom colors are pale blue, moss green, light yellow and silver. However, purple bedroom walls are the least conducive to sleep.


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