The Fine Bedding Company – Night Owl Duvet!

The Fine Bedding Company – Night Owl Duvet!

Pink to make the boys wink!

Raffie has just learned to say “I love you” and understand its meaning. He constantly says to me “I love you so much Mummy” and when I say “I love you too” he responds with “And you love Daddy” – Yes I assure him. “And you love Florence and Jimmy and me and Posie” – Yes I agree again. And then he always finishes with “And you love your bed!” – Which I think must speak volumes for how much he perceives I adore to be cosied up dreaming – to put it in the same category as my children and husband in terms of love. Well, obviously I do adore my family much, much more of course but Raffie isn’t wrong with his observation that Mummy loves to be in bed – only, however, when the setting is right!

I love my bed when it has the best bedding on it!

I need lovely clean bedsheets which smell of drying on the line, comfy pillows which aren’t too hard or too soft and a mattress that moulds around my body inviting me into it while at the same time providing a firm base for me to sleep/watch TV/feed the baby and generally loll. Not that I do much lolling in bed with four children it has to be said but a girl can dream can’t she?!

How the bedding feels is important!

The bedding is paramount to a good night’s sleep (or loll if you have the opportunity) and I was kindly gifted a Night Owl duvet by The Fine Bedding Company to try out on my bed and to see if it could change the way I do beds from now on. It’s a lightweight, fibre filled wonder which is reimagining the traditional duvet in ways which make my life as a busy parent an utter joy while making me bed. It comes with its own cover. Not just a regular cover that comes on and off, that could be done by any Tom, Dick or Harry – oh no, the Night Owl duvet IS the cover. Cover and duvet in one!

No cover!
Washes and dries super quickly!

But what about when it comes to washing it you ask? Well, it is so lightweight (comes in 4.5 or 10.5 tog as well as all bed sizes and 6 different shades and all regular bedding sizes – £30 – £50) that it fits in the washing machine as is and goes on a normal cycle ready to be hung out to dry as one complete item. Duvet AND cover. But what about drying time? Surely that can’t work when you need to change the bed? Well… It does dry in just 90 minutes so it’s as pretty near on perfect as it can get don’t you think?

It’s super soft and cosy but I also think as it’s lightweight that it won’t feel too hot in the summer either. I’m rather taken with it and will be ordering the pillow cases from The Fine Bedding Company to match! Soft, durable (first time I used mine I laid it inside the tent for living room camping and one of the boys was sick on it – naturally – it came up trumps and my initial annoyance that the very first use had rendered it washing machine worthy went out the window for it looked good as new and more importantly clean within the space of a few hours) and absolutely lush to curl up in!

Florence has kind of stolen mine!
It does look lovely in her room though!
It really goes with her decor and her bed is a single which can transform to a king sized double and a sofa which this duvet is brilliant for all ways with!

I think these may be the way forward for bedding you know! Especially for children – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take regular duvets to a laundrette (or worse, the bin) – let’s just say the tent vom-bomb was not our first time! This actually takes away a whole heap of bedding issues from making them in the first place to getting them clean! I love my Night Owl duvet and the best bit is that it’s easy to roll up and pop back in its bag to take on holiday – told you I love MY bed, others just aren’t quite the same but they might be now!

Super easily fits back into its bag!

Collaboration with The Fine Bedding Company.