4 Tips For Creating A Family Garden

4 Tips For Creating A Family Garden

If you want to transform your outdoor space into a wonderful garden that the whole family can enjoy, you need to think about the needs of everyone who will be using it and create a space that functions for you all. If that sound tough, don’t worry – I’ve put together a list of tips that will help you get it right.

1. Zones

Zoning off your garden space into several distinct sections can be a godsend when you have children, pets and adults all fighting for space. Why? Because it enables you all to have an area where you can do what you want without encroaching on the others. For example, the adults may want a decking area where they can sit and enjoy the sunshine while eating or maybe having a cheeky drink or two. The kids, well they’ll want a lawn space where they can run, play football, chase each other and generally burn off energy. The do may want a space to play, run and do his business. 

You can create a space for each of these things and zone them off using bamboo screens, hedges or even fences so everyone has a space and everyone knows what each part of the garden is for. It really can be that simple.

2. Use raised beds and pots 

When you have kids, animals and who knows what else in your garden, planting flowers directly in the ground is often not the best idea as they are likely to get trampled at some point! That doesn’t mean you have to go without pretty tulips or fragrant herbs though, simply invest in raised beds or pots, which are less likely to end up under the foot or a child, or in the case of pots, which can be moved out of harm’s way when that game of football is getting pretty serious.

3. Plant for privacy

When you’re spending quality family time in the garden, you will want to have your privacy. A good way of achieving this is by using hedges, bamboo and trees to ‘fence’ off the areas bordering gardens or where other houses can overlook you, This is often a better solution than fencing because it looks prettier, and gives you children trees to climb and bushes to hide in, which will add to the fun if it all. It’s also great for local wildlife3 which will be encouraged to pay a visit.

4. Add a shelter

Whether you add an awning that’s attached to the house or build a summer house at the bottom of the garden – the kids will love this – every family-friendly garden should have a sheltered area where you can all escape when the sun is getting too much and you need some shade or when a shower starts to pour but you don’t want to go inside.

Second-hand is ideal

When it comes to furniture and stuff like that, while the kids are still young, going second-hand is a really good idea because then you won’t feel too precious about your stuff and you can all focus on having a good time together without having to worry about getting things muddy or making scratches.

Have fun in your family garden!