Mash & Co – Laser Cut Gifts!

Mash & Co – Laser Cut Gifts!

My older two are quite artistic; I would say they both really enjoy drawing and making things and find great enjoyment out of crafting too. Florence has always been that way but for Jimmy it did take a little while. I remember him being about Raffie’s age and he simply was not interested. At. All! Then one day he drew this penguin and it was amazing. Not just amazing compared the the really below average stick men he’d previously drawn when under pressure and not because he wanted to but it was really flipping fantastic for any 5 year old (as he was then). All the Grandparents and Aunties and of course us, wondered over this marvellous penguin and even though the paper was a bit screwed up (it was in Jimmy’s clutches after all) I simply HAD to frame it and keep it for forever!

Jimmy’s penguin is in a frame on my photo wall on the stairway up to my loft bedroom!

I’ve kept lots of their drawings over the years and will do the same for Raffie and Posie when they begin to create their own master pieces but this penguin has always had a massively special place in my heart as his little face, I will never forget the joy on it when he saw how thrilled everyone was, just lights up my heart when I think back to it. I look at the penguin on my way to bed every night and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

So, when Mash & Co, a laser cut gifting company, got in touch to ask if I had a piece of one of my children’s art work that they could make for me into another piece of artwork, a laser cut, 3D replica of the drawing for me to have on my wall and keep forever too, it was a no brainer that the penguin would be the subject!

And here he is in all his laser cut glory – thank you SO much Mash and Co!

Mash & Co are a small family run business in Edinburgh an they take your drawing (I just sent them a photo), upload it to their computers and build you an exact replica which they laser cut and paint for you. The result is beyond stunning. It is simply mesmerising. When I saw the penguin in all its laser cut glory I nearly cried and so did Jimmy, with pride, that his little penguin was made into something so wonderful to be treasured for always in our home!

Isn’t he just perfect!

The penguin now lives in our kitchen and watches over the wine – don’t know why but he does and I am absolutely certain that he will not be the only piece of my children’s art we have made up like this. I am going to have something of Florence’s done as soon as I find just the drawing from my “special box of kept things” and when the little two provide me with their special the collection will be added to over the years.

Penguin the wine keeper is his new name!

I love my penguin and I adore the new version just as much. I fail to see how anyone could not love him – it’s such a beautiful way to remember those brilliant works of art made by tiny hands!

A single colour piece of art is priced at £65, for multicoloured it’s £90 and I would say they are SO worth the money. They also sell their own art work – they’re rather fond of penguins too but for me, Jimmy’s penguin is the best!

Thanks Mash & Co, I absolutely adore it!

Mash & Co gifted me my art work in return for some Instagram promotion. I love it so much I couldn’t not write about it on the blog too!