Happy Mother’s Day With Merci Maman Jewellery!

Happy Mother’s Day With Merci Maman Jewellery!

I love jewellery, necklaces, rings, earrings… I just adore to adorn myself with beautiful things and when it comes to choosing me a present I’m pretty sure everyone who loves me knows this as I have some wonderful pieces which have been bought for me over the years.

Some of my jewellery incorporates my children in one way or another. I have a peas in a pod necklace and another ringed pendant necklace with the big three’s names on it. What I didn’t have was something with Posie, our newborn, included and so with Mother’s Day right around the corner it was time to get me a new Mother’s Day piece of jewellery!

Merci Maman make absolutely gorgeous jewellery, things which are JUST up my street with personalisations and really different looking designs and when they offered to allow my children the chance to choose me a Mother’s Day present I knew I’d be gifted something really special!

The children chose me a personalised intertwined necklace (£89) with two circles, one big and one small. On the big circle is engraved the names of the big kids “Florence & Jimmy” and on the small the names of my two little ones “Raffie and Posie”. I adore it. It’s such an unusual necklace as each hoop, though intertwined with each other, is attached separately to the chain making it look almost like two necklaces coming into one.

I chose it in 18K rose gold and will cherish it always. It is my first Mother’s Day gift as a Mummy of four so it will always be super special but the children did have a hard time choosing which adorable piece from the collection to plump for. I think they made a very good choice but I could have gone for lots more pieces myself too!

Merci Maman is the perfect place to choose a Mother’s Day gift – The sort of present you know will be beautiful without having to leave the house to go shopping which is apt considering it was the day after Mother’s Day last year that we went into lockdown. After a year of strange times Mums deserve a treat even more don’t you think?

I was gifted my necklace as part of a collaboration with Merci Maman.