Expressing Your Personal Style Through Jewellery

Expressing Your Personal Style Through Jewellery

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Many people who love fashion use clothing and accessories to help shape their self-concept – as found in research by Elliot and Wattanasuwan. They see the products they purchase as part of themselves, and enjoy communicating their idea of self to others in a visual, sartorial way. Fashion, said the researchers, is often used as a code or language system that sends a message to others regarding what individuals are like. If you are this type of shopper and you’d like to express image and identity both personally and socially through jewellery, the following tips may help.

Bucket List Jewellery
If you have always yearned for a halo diamond ring, an evil eye sapphire necklace, or a Cartier-style Love bracelet, start by purchasing at least one of these items. There is nothing quite like wearing something you truly love to give you a lift while you let others know the styles and brands you are most passionate about. Items on your must-have list can range from watches to rings, and even signature pieces such as vintage brooches. By starting with what you truly desire, you can avoid impulse purchases, while also evading buying ‘on trend’ instead of on instinct.

Classical Heirloom Pieces Last Forever
Pieces such as engagement rings should last a lifetime – or at least for several generations, since they are considered heirloom pieces. Engagement rings do not have to sport typical cuts (such as halo or solitaire) to be loved forever. Instead, they should be top quality (if you choose diamonds go for VS1 clarity or above) and match your personal idea of ‘design for life’. Thus, if you love vintage pieces, you may decide to go for a central pearl instead of diamonds (as Oscar-winning star Emma Stone did when she got engaged). If you love colour, you might decide to go for a canary yellow, pink or red diamond (or opt for an emerald, ruby or sapphire instead of a diamond). The key is to choose a quality, well-designed piece you can use often: one that is not necessarily trending the year you are buying it (since trends change drastically every few years when it comes to shape and style).

Going Seasonal And Making It Fun
Investing in jewellery items that last doesn’t mean your personal collection can’t have a few quirky or seasonal pieces. Currently, oversized items (earrings and necklaces, in particular) are all the rage, and there are numerous quality fashion and jewellery houses (think Max Mara, Monica Vinader, Shay, and Bee Goddess) that make original, fun pieces in a variety of materials ranging from gold to vermeil and sterling silver. Pieces like evil eyes, celestial-inspired earrings and necklaces, and oversized earclips make original additions to a jewellery collection, and they are ideal for specific occasions (think music festivals, summer pool parties, or art exhibition launches) in which artistry and originality are the order of the day.

For some shoppers, fashion and jewellery are more than embellishments: they are ways to express one’s idea of self. If you are one of them, to build a jewellery collection, start out with the pieces you have wanted for years: these will say plenty about your idea of beautiful design. Invest in a few quality pieces (without sacrificing your idea of style), and shop seasonally for quirky or trending pieces that are perfect for fun, creative events.