Hygro Towels!

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I’ve always longed for fluffy bath towels, the kind you get in hotels that feel super decadent and expensive. The thing is, no matter how much money I seem to have spent on towels in the past, no matter how good the quality… They just never remain fluffy for more than one wash.

The fact you generally have to wash a towel before you use it the first time anyway means we’ve never got to try towels at home when they’ve been their most plush. I know other people manage it just like I know other people seem to be able to keep white shirts and underwear pristinely bright so I may just be super rubbish (Jonny always jokes that I need a wifery course but it doesn’t mean I don’t still try!

And now… I’ve found the perfect cheat! If you’re not very good at keeping towels fluffy then Hygro Towels from Tesco are going to be absolutely up your street! Egyptian cotton, super soft, absobent and… This is the best bit… They get fluffier every time you wash then dry them in the tumble dryer! Err, hello!

Tesco's fluffy Hygro towels!
Tesco’s fluffy Hygro towels!

The new Hygro towel range comes in 20 different colours, are made from 100% Egyption cotton and are super absorbent. They are made using Hygro technology,a spinning technology that creates a hollow fibre, trapping and pillowing air during tumble drying to give a thick absrorbent pile. So where most towels degenerate with each wash, these just get better and better! Brilliant. The perfect solution.

We were sent a set of towels which start at just £1 for a face cloth and go up to £9 for a bath sheet making them very affordable. We liked them so much that we are going to buy a second set and get rid of our old towels altogether!

I was sent a set of Hygro towels from Tesco for the purpose of an honest review.