I Asked My Mother, What Will I Be!

I’m sure like all Mothers, I just want my children to be happy when they grow up. I hope that whatever they choose to do for a living makes them feel satisfied and fulfilled unlike I have done in some times gone by. When I worked in admin I used to cry on my way into work, I trained as an actress and working in an office was soul destroying for me! I don’t want that to be their story! I want them to do whatever they want to do and will help them in any way that I can to achieve their goals. (Not that my parents didn’t of course – they absolutely did!)

Although I ultimately will have no say whatsoever in their choices (and that’s how it should be) I can’t help already thinking, and I’m sure all Mothers must do this too, that they might be good at certain things…

I look at Florence’s slender feet, the way she points them and moves herself to music and I know, KNOW, that she would make an excellent dancer. I went to full time drama school from the age of 12 and danced all my way through my childhood. I was never balletic, I didn’t have the right figure and I was never good enough for even chorus work. HOW I got a dancing job for Geri Halliwell’s ‘Raining Men’ video I’ll never know? Out of 40 dancers and with everybody tiny as tiny can be in the footage I can clearly be picked out in the top right hand corner of the outdoor rain scene because when we spin, I am slightly out of time with everyone else! When the video came out the first thing my Mum said was ‘Ruth, you’re behind, surely they must have got a better take than that?’ But obviously that was the best of a bad bunch! My Mum knew I would never be a dancer, an actress yes, but she knew a tripple threat I was not!

With Florence when I see her move, even at just three, I can see she is really rather good. She also sings beautifully and in tune which is super for her age and when it comes to acting! Well, she’s ace at that too – really fabulous actually! Am I just a Mum so proud I would see that no matter what? Perhaps, but I don’t think so, I’m quite critical of performance. I am an actress, a good one at that, not a great singer and not a great dancer but acting I can do. I think my daughter could do it too if she so chose. Of course she could also be all sorts of other things too. She’s bright as a button and the world will be her Oyster! She’s determined, sharp, understands things which belie her age and she could be academic for sure, I just have a sneaky suspicion that performance might just be her bag…

Jimmy too if I’m honest. I know he’s only 10 months old but all he wants to do is play the guitar and drums. Florence always wanted to touch Jonny’s guitars but it’s different with Jimmy, he doesn’t just want to grab them, he really tries to strum the strings. If there’s a guitar in the room (and there always is in our house) he’ll make a bee line for it. He’s also rather keen on a stick to beat. I know all babies like sticks but he properly drums, mad as that sounds, he actually does! And he loves music and dances already! He will be a musician like his Daddy I feel sure! My Dad knew my brother was going to be a drummer, we all did! All Ali did from around Jimmy’s age was drum so Jimmy has these musical genes coming at him from all sides of the family, I’m sure it must be in his blood!

Do I want my children to perfom because we are performers? Not necessarily, I’m happy for them to do whatever they choose like I said. I like to perform obviously, so I love the fact they both seem keen but if I am wrong and Florence and Jimmy grow up and want to work in insurance or catering then I will be just as supportive, just as keen to help them. I just have a feeling that it might be in their genes you see… I know all parents look at their little boys chubby thighs and say ‘Oooh, he’s got footballers legs’ or they wonder will their little girl be the next female Prime Minister… It’s natural! But I do think genes have lots to say… I think my children will be creative because I see in them something that I recognise… Time will tell and we shall see! I don’t give two hoots what they choose in the end as long as they have happy hearts but I might just put a cheeky bet on one of them winning an Oscar one day – you never know, it might see Jonny and I through our retirement!

They will be what they will be but Florence sure is a good performer and Jimmy certainly like music and instruments – especially the guitar!


I love the school holidays! I know Florence is only at nursery two and a half days a week but I miss her and our constant chatter when she is there so it’s lovely to have a break from school! We usually have an activity to do most days anyway so in the holidays we’re always mega busy! I said to Florence that we were going to go to the circus, farm, a launch party, nature reserve and the theatre this week and she said ‘can we go to the park’? Not sure if that was her thinking it was all TOO much activity or if she wanted to squeaze another one in but she’s enjoyed it all, all the same, park included! I’ve loved taking her out every day and we will have more of the same next week too, it’s just a shame the weather hasn’t been warmer or we’d be in the park more too! This time last year and we were in our swimming costumes paddling in the water feature in a park close to us…

28th March last year and 27th March this year… Quite a difference in temperature…

So, despite the weather we’ve been having fun doing all our activities and it all kicked off on Easter weekend in Norfolk. We had a brilliant Good Friday doing nothing much at all for once…


A good Good Friday! I love how Jimmy is at an age where he and Florence can play and have fun together now! They spent SO long in the bath that they were prune like when they eventually got out. I love all our days out but it’s good to just have fun at home too sometimes! 

And we spent the rest of the weekend doing Easter crafts, Easter egg hunts and eating chocolate and other yummy food with family! Lovely! I just love having family time, Jonny was off work too so it was perfect!


A fabby egg hunt at Granny and Papa’s with Cousin Arthur followed by an Easter feast!


And another lovely hunt at my Mum’s too!


Jimmy got to play his favourite game of pretending to feed us!

Jimmy loves to pretend to feed us and has even started saying ‘Daadoo’ for ‘thank you’! It’s not his first word, that of course was Mamma! He has started pointing to us now too when we ask him ‘Where’s Florence?’ or ‘Where’s Daddy?’ He’s learning to speak and Florence is still going great guns with learning to spell! She points out certain letters or letter combinations and puts the sounds together! She sees ‘Fl’ for ‘Florence’ and ‘flower’ etc everywhere we go and she will say things like ‘Mummy, your name is Ruth, that’s spelt ‘Ruu-ooo-th’! Love it!

We did go to the park too!

Well that was the first week of the Easter holidays! We’ve had so much fun (including going to the park of course!), please do read the reviews we’ve written during the week of the activities we’ve been up to like the theatre, circus and our trip to Willows Farm Village. Hopefully we’ll have another exciting week coming up before it’s back to school! See you next week but in the mean time follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.

I was not paid for any part of this post.