Icelolly Holidays!

Well looking out of my window this morning and it’s hard to believe that just last month we were on a sunny family holiday in Portugal. Today the rain is falling, there is so much mist I can’t see to the end of my road and I know that we will have to wrap up super warm when we go outside.

I don’t mind some of winter. The build up to December’s quite good I’ll concede what with all the promise of the festive season and excitement in the offing! But then what? Months and months of dark days where the sun doesn’t come up till late and then disappears again before tea time… I find that a little mood squashing I have to say. And then there’s all the cold. It just gets too much doesn’t it! When Florence was born on New Year’s Eve 2009 she came out to a snow storm which I thought was beautiful. The thing was it didn’t STOP snowing and after weeks and weeks with a new baby, slushy roads and worrying that it was too cold and dangerous to take her out I started to rather loath the white stuff which in reality just goes grey after a minute!

We seem to have two days of summer and then spend the rest of the year freezing! I know that when the sun shines it seems to make everyone smile and I find myself getting to about February and needing some rays on my face for a bit of a carefree summer feel!

I always think it’s good to have a holiday to look forward to and we do try and book something up in advance so that the long winter months have a bright sunny light at the end of them. When Florence was tiny and we were still in the cold winter we booked a holiday for the following September to Portugal where we actually got married and it was just the dangling carrot we needed to push through our own dismal summer. Knowing we had a bit of sunshine coming was very lifting and I always feel that when we book something.

Family Holiday
This was us last month!

Obviously we’ve just got back from another Portuguese trip, also booked in a cold season to look forward to and I’m finding myself starting to look at sunny trips for next year! Holidays with Icelolly are looking very inviting right now on this cold day I can tell you! I’ve been browsing their site and as well as being able to book a holiday destination and flights you can sort every detail in one go, even down to car hire! It’s not just sunny climes they go to either; hen and stag weekends can be organised along with even a Disney break for the children! We always know where to go in Portugal but when we go somewhere else we need to research resorts as we don’t like to go anywhere too commercial. Icelolly even have resort info so I’m mentally planning a number of holidays, not just one!

Of course you don’t have to book with a view to looking forward as last minute holiday deals are very good value and why wait? Today is so cold and grey that I could easily hop on a plane to a beautiful beach, couldn’t you?

This is a commissioned post.