I’m In, I’m Team #BREMAIN, If You’re Undecided Here’s My Why!

I’m fully on the side of #BREMAIN for tomorrow’s referendum which decides if we stay within the European Union or if we leave it and I have been frightened by a lot of the things I’ve seen shared on line for the opposing view. Over the past few weeks there has been, in my view, much scaremongering from the other side and a lot of aggression. I’m not sure this has been necessary and it’s upset me that there are so many people so angrily making their point. Some people have (of course) made calm, well thought points but on the whole, from the things I’ve read, I have seen far more anger from BREXIT than ‘my’ side.

I wonder why there is such aggression when being a part of the European Union offers us so much as a country. The main sticking point and myth in my mind is that we ‘give’ loads of money away for nothing. I wonder where people who offer up this point are getting their facts, if they have actually read up on what this ‘nothing’ money is buying us and if they truly would be voting to exit if they had the full facts and not just the drivel churned up to them by tabloid media and unscrupulous politicians? I wonder if they realise how many people work for European companies who would lose their jobs? And it’s not just foreign owned companies at risk but other jobs will be lost too. My cousin for example is a very specialist NHS nurse working on a medical trial which looks after extremely sick children. The funding for this comes from Europe and would almost certainly be pulled losing not only her job but the whole medical programme which is making these sick children better and providing the research to continue doing so for others. And this is just one case, there are many, many more from factory workers to bankers and like it or not we will all know someone who will eventually become unemployed as a result of us leaving. Have people really read up, have they investigated how it will change their own lives and more importantly have they any real understanding of how it will change the face of our country as a whole? Do they care about everyone else I wonder, do they?

But it’s not all about jobs. It’s not all about any one thing. There are so many THINGS. So much to read and understand before jumping ship. No other country has ever asked to leave but there are many who want to join. So why are we so desperate to get off this train which has shown us no war at best and ease of travel at least and which so many others are desperate to be a passenger on? Those two points are just two of the points but are both really quite important to me and when you consider that they’re just the bread in this amazing sandwich… I’m confused why anyone is of a different mind.

I think it all comes down to immigration which is now a dirty word for some reason. But… But… But… We have Doctors, nurses, teachers, heck a whole load of mega important people giving to our society and they’re often immigrants. I am actually very proud to live in a country which will show care and offer a place of respite for people who aren’t lucky enough to be born in a country which doesn’t have war and unrest. I am actually quite proud that we are so diverse and yes, we can go too far, sure but you know what, I’d rather have 10 people who don’t NEED to be here being here if it means one person, who has been so desperate in life that they have put their babies on a boat in the middle of the night knowing they might die because it’s better than the alternative, gets to live without fear. Why would I want anything else?

I don’t know anyone who would consider themselves a racist but I have seen a lot of truck written on Facebook statuses which would class as such and I can only blame UKIP and their leader for insighting this hatred in, it has to be said, some of my friends as well as people I don’t know from Adam. I’m not saying that every person voting to exit is a racist but, as Billy Bragg said on Facebook this week, every racist is voting to leave. I don’t like the morals of why a lot of people will be voting out and although everyone is entitled to their say and again, not everyone is taking this stance with utter filth for reason, I have to make my point as to why we should all be voting tomorrow to stay. At the beginning of this campaign when David Cameron had bowed down to UKIP in my opinion, by calling the refereundum in the first place, to, I assume, win him the election in a bid which I am sure he regrets, all I saw was anger from the BREXITers. Now, I feel, the other side to the argument has had its say on return but with dignity, intelligence and common sense. This is why I want to share with you, because these are all far more eloquent than I myself could put it, some of the best things I have seen on line.

My friend Emily, who has made me feel better by pointing out the bookies odds and assuring me the bookies are always the winners, has helped me compile this list which is my top ten Facebook statuses and shares of interest for uplifting, humorous (on occasion) and at the bones of it bloody good points as to why we should stay in Europe.

  • Geoffrey White writes about growing up in post war austerity where Portugal and Spain were fascist dictaorships and the BBC was not free from government interference. His reasons to #BREMAIN have been shared more than 33,000 times.
  • James O’Brien’s monologue about Jo Cox:

  • A friend of mine shared the below. I’m not sure who to credit for the original contributor but if anyone knows please let me know so that I can do that and sorry!


  • Another friend of mine shared this article by Owen Jones who says it’s cruel deceit to blame all our problems on immigration. Read it here: OWEN JONES ARTICLE.
  • My friend Ellie drew my attention to this utterly fantastic original drama starring Patrick Stewart!
  • My brilliantly bright pal Al has shared some ace Facebook status updates over this referendum campaign and this response in reply to a photograph shared by a Drew Littler is just one of them. Please do follow him on Twitter as his Facebook profile is private – only a lucky few get to hear what dear Al has to say on everything else I’m afraid and that really IS a shame because he says some really great (and often funny) stuff. Enjoy the below:


Al’s response to the Above picture shared by a Drew Littler (I believe this is the original contributor):

You see, I quite like this. It sums things up nicely. But I’m still at a loss as to what we can do to get people to think our way, and I’m not sure this sort of satire quite hits the mark. Brexiteers seem to fall into one of these categories: 1) nasty; 2) engaged in politics only to the extent that they want to do one to the establishment; and 3) right-minded, politically engaged people who I just happen to disagree with on this issue (and who knows, they might be right, I just don’t think they are). The problem with this joke and ones like it is that there’s virtually no point trying to persuade group 1. They’re either secretly proud of their views or in denial about them, and either way, reading opposing views expressed like this will entrench their views. The only way they might possibly be swayed is with watertight evidence that they’ll be economically better off and/or migration and the perceived threat to their culture will reduce in the EU. (They don’t really give a fuck about democracy or sovereignty, despite what they say; they just don’t want foreigners making the rules. Nor do they care enough about the NHS to critically examine the grotesquely dishonest and economically illiterate recent claims of Johnson and Gove on channelling “saved” EU money into the NHS.) Group 2 are also a bit of a lost cause. So that leaves group 3, who will – rightly, to some extent – accuse this of being an ad hominem argument. (I say to SOME extent because with so SO many experts arguing for remain and such a high concentration of high-profile shits advocating leave, it’s not entirely unjustified to look at who’s saying what and side with those who aren’t just ghastly.) And these group 3 people aren’t racist either; they genuinely believe in their cause for noble reasons. It’s really tough because satire is a useful weapon but it seems to be misfiring if the polls are anything to go by. The only comfort I’ve found is studying the odds with the bookies, all of whom seem to offer around 2 to 1 for leave. Hopefully this isn’t the result of people making compensation-style bets.

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  • My mucker and #BREMAIN champion Emily shared what Charles Smith has been posting on Facebook and his pinned post is definitely worth looking at IMMEDIATELY!
  • Please see what Lord Sugar has to say. He talks so much sense!

  • And for the majority of us who don’t have Lord Sugar’s money this might be the video you need to watch with Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, giving us the benefit of his wisdom! I’m not often with David Cameron on much and I don’t think he’s been particularly eloquent in his argument however that is, in my opinion, his own downfall and not that of the actual argument. However, I do agree with him on one small point; you wouldn’t ignore the mechanic telling you how to fix your car so why ignore the money experts?

  • My last point has to come from a quote which has been shared many times these past few days and shortly after a mother, polititian and decent human being was knifed and gunned down, presumably for her left wing views. I think the words of that woman, who campaigned for equality and was very concerned about division, are so poignant. Jo Cox, who should be celebrating her 42nd birthday today, said in her opening speech to parliament:

‘While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

That’s my lot. That’s why I will be voting to #BREMAIN tomorrow and why I want to encourage you to do so as well.

Moreover, it is established that https://tramadolhealth.com represses breathing less than morphine in curative doses.




7 thoughts on “I’m In, I’m Team #BREMAIN, If You’re Undecided Here’s My Why!

  1. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen, heard and read so much about this referendum. To be honest with you – I prefer staying out of it. I can understand the points of both sides, but prefer not taking a position.

  2. Well written piece. I never openly discuss political views etc but I definitely are about the scaremongering tactics and honestly whenever I hear people referring to it, they’re voting leave because of the ‘immigration’ and there’s more to it than that.

  3. Really good round up of the key Bremain points Ruth! I’m firmly Remain and keeping everything crossed that will be the way things turn out.

  4. Brilliant article, I’ve actually gone full circle at first I was firmly remain then I got swayed by hopes London’s housing market would crash and then I realised everything we’re being told (both sides) is a heap of bullshit. Just ticked remain in the hopes we can forget this and go back to normal and in an ideal matter fight for the real issues and stop our government causing this terrible hatred in the first place!

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