Pins Out For Summer With Gillette Venus!

It’s summer time (don’t look out the window as the vista may betray that fact) and of course this means getting those pins out for perhaps the first time in months! I have to admit I can get a bit lazy in the winter and maybe not as leg grooming punctual as I could be but come the summer months, when I’m hopefully wearing skirts and dresses WITHOUT my trust black tights, and I do try to make more of an effort.

Getting my legs out for the summer - even though the sun may not always shine!
Getting my legs out for the summer – even though the sun may not always shine!

I’ve been using the new Gillette Venus range because a decent razor is worth its weight! I remember days in my teens with nicks and, owch, worse! I seem to recall a whole strip of shin skin coming away with a cheap razor once and it’s simply not worth it so I do make sure to buy something I know will work! The products I choose also have to be easy and enable me to do it quickly. I reckon I get about 3 minutes in the shower at any given time so speed is key! I think the razors are absolutely fab and I LOVE the shaving gels too!

Some of the Gillette Venus range!
Some of the Gillette Venus range!

My favourite from the collection HAS to be the Venus SNAP with Embrace! I went to the gym once and as I reached into my bag, which had my razor in it, my finger got cut so badly that I fainted! Oh the shame! This is super good because it’s teeny tiny and fits in a hand bag with ease and it also comes in a snap shut case – PERFECT!

The Venus Snap with Evolution!
The Venus Snap with Evolution – HOW good! 

So, when getting your legs out this season don’t forget to buy one of these little beauties as they definitely make a smoother look and feel which also lasts heaps longer than other razors I’ve used in the past! Fab! There’s also one for sensitive skin but below are the details of the ones I’ve been using.

Venus & Olay

The perfect two in one choice to remove hairs and soothe skin at the same time. The clever Venus & Olay blades feature shave gel bars which make contact with the skin before and after the razor to lubricate and ease the blades over the skin, eliminating the feel of irritation and moisturising as it goes! – The perfect choice two give a busy mum some pamper time, even when you only have time for a quick shower!

All major retailers, £10.99

Venus SNAP with Embrace

Venus’ first ever portable razor, provides instant smoothness on-the-go – the perfect match for anyone with a busy and active lifestyle. Featuring Venus’ most advanced 5-blade Embrace technology on a mini handle; it fits conveniently into any bag for silky-smooth skin anytime, anywhere. Perfect for a busy, constantly on-the-go mum!

All major retailers, £9.99

I was sent some Gillette venus products for the purpose of an honest review.