Into The Summer!

We left the end of year at school with a massive high and both the big kids got wonderful school reports. I usually write about how they have got on but have literally had no time to even think so here I am, not documenting until we are well into the summer holidays and enjoying beach days in the sun!

So I’ll be brief and to the point so that I have this as prosperity but so that I don’t waste too much of our holiday time on the computer this morning. I love having them home, I am in my element when they are, I fill our days with as much as possible and soak up every second of them. Raffie is loving having them at home too and all the attention they lavish on him is being gratefully received. Every day when we pick them up from school his little face delights in them being home and he can’t quite believe his luck that we have them full time from now until the 10th of September… Amazing really that we have that long and we are stealing a couple of extra days too because we are off to Menorca at the end of the holidays meaning they will miss the first couple of days back – c’est la vis! I am always unbothered by such!

So… In the run up to the end of term my big girl did so, so well and auditioned for the Norfolk Youth Music Theatre (not school related) which is a company I was part of myself as a youngster. It’s not easy to get in and they don’t accept everyone and anyone who auditions so because of her age (she’s a year younger than they like) and her novice it was nail biting waiting to see if she got in but she sang her heart out and I know I’m biased but… Well she’s flipping amazing is Florence and yes, she got a part! Celebrations all round! She also did so well at school and as ever is exceeding expectations in all areas but as ever the things which were said which please me most are the things about her good character. She is lovely is the bones of what her teacher told me and though I know this, to be told by others is always heart warming. My lovely girl!

Jimmy too has done exceptionally well and there were no surprises other than his monkeyish behaviour wasn’t mentioned so I guess he saves that all up for home, the best way round and again he is exceeding in lots of areas and doing well in all the others. Yet again the best thing said was that he is liked and he is a good person. I love hearing that and I swelled with pride about my tiny little boy who rarely let’s ,e take a picture without pulling a funny face – we meet loggerheads over this but occasionally he allows a snap and boy is he a beaut when he does!

So the end of term, the end of another school year and Florence goes into year 4 (how?!) while my Jim-Bob gets to stay with the same teacher again as he moves into year 2. I love his teacher and I am so pleased that he gets to have her again, he’s so lucky! We’ve been incredibly lucky with teachers this year and if I could have kept Florence with hers too that would have been wonderful alas she is moving to a different year!

For now though… Onto the holidays and we break up, we break up, we don’t care if school blows up!

Mr Cool – we will spend much time being on the beach – our happy place and where Jimmy’s hair was made to look its most beautiful!
Lots of surf for this one too!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was worried so much about a new baby coming and affecting their happiness. I worried they would feel pushed out, they wouldn’t like it, they would wish life could go back to how it was? What did I worry about eh?! I remember thinking we had one last summer just us before their lives would change beyond their wildest dreams but that’s the thing about wild dreams eh… They are the most wonderful when you dream big and our baby Raffie, our three is the magic number baby, he’s slotted in and the big two are fiercely protective of him. I am never, ever more proud of them than when they all look after each other and the love they have for the baby and the love the baby has for them… Well, I had no need to worry last summer at all. This summer we are loving being just us and loving being a bigger just us!

Happy, happy summer folkie dokies!