Jimmy Is 8!

Jimmy Is 8!

Every time one of my babies gets a year older I say the same thing, how? HOW has it been another year and where does the time go?! I really do mean that though because it literally flies by making me know that I am having the time of my life bringing them all up and that it all evaporates is because we are having so much fun making me remember the age old saying of ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ which is especially funny because just the other day Jimmy explained to us that time doesn’t ACTUALLY go any faster when you have fun, it just feels that way. Turns out until now, when he discovered the truth for himself and thought we might need to know too, he had genuinely believed that time really did flow more quickly the better the laugh you are having!

My little Jimbo, Jim-Bob, Jimmini Billy Bob is 8 years old and don’t we all have so much fun I’m sure I’ll blink and he’ll be 18 next so I have to savour this moment of 8! He is amazing, an outside the box thinker and so full of energy despite never seeming to eat a darn thing aside from cereal and Super Noodles (he’d eat THEM all day long and even asked for them for his birthday mea)l! He doesn’t like to sit and write, not in the slightest but he adores reading, especially about facts. He does well at school but has to be cajoled in his typical 8 year old boy mode! He loves his long hair still (long may that continue my gorgeous and doesn’t give a damn to be different cherub), is massively into learning about, playing about and collecting about, world war 2. Everything he wears these days is camo related and he got some pretty special bits and bobs with an army theme for his birthday!

Here are some photos from his birthday today. He hasn’t even flinched about it not being a normal special. We couldn’t go out for dinner, he DID NOT MIND! He couldn’t have a party, he DID NOT MIND! Couldn’t see other family and friends, go out for the day or even get hold of a lot of the things I would have liked to to make this special 8 a real treat despite the lockdown, but he DID NOT MIND A THING!

Jimmy is special, big hearted, emotional at times, just like me on occasions too, gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, clever, inquisitive, caring, kind, considerate, moody now and again, argumentative too, addicted to Fortnite, a brilliant friend with empathy coming out of his ears, a right laugh, a real joker, a brilliant magician and ukulele player, he sings super sweetly and he says stuff you literally wouldn’t believe like when he told my Mum a few months ago that the Jacob’s Ladders we could see in the distance were like beauty falling down – he is beauty himself that boy and I have loved him hard and fast since the second he was born in the living room when Jonny caught him, dropped him immediately and then he and the midwives shouted to me to ‘DON’T SIT DOWN!’ – They swiftly scooped him up from the tarpaulin he’d slid on to, passed him through my legs (I was kneeling up) and I had this red faced yet perfectly round headed beauty staring up at me. I gasped in that very moment, having not known if Jimmy was a girl or a boy, ‘Oh, my BOY’ I said out loud as I drank him in for the first time, and the love has only grown if that could even be possible!

Happy Birthday my Jimstar, one of my most favourite three – I love you more than life and am super proud of who you are at 8. Just don’t stop wrapping your legs around mine when you come into bed for a cuddle or planting those delicious lips on me for a Jimmy kiss – you are SMASHING my boy!

We started with a treasure hunt!
With all his favourite things!
And a breakfast in the army mess!
We had our to the minute that he was born picture – 09.17!
Little presents (snap bangers)!
A big present!
Followed by a socially distanced wave by from Granny, Papa, Auntie Tory, Arthur and Rose!
I felt a bit sad at this point but he loved it!
Lunch with favourite food!
And favourite cake!
Where we sang!
And sang again for little brothers!
War paint!
Family photo!
We had bubbles!
And put the tent up for our army base camp!
Which the big kiddos packed a bag for and made cosy!
We had a boot camp treasure trail organised by Florence!
Opened some more presents!
Had my Mum’s spectacular cake!
BBQ’d sausages!
Enjoyed sparklers!
And said goodnight in the tent!