Lockdown Diary Week Six!

Lockdown Diary Week Six!

Six weeks, that’s a summer holiday’s worth of time that we’ve been home on lockdown and I have to say that really and truly, aside from the weirdness of not seeing Gram and other family, it has rather felt like a summer holiday in lots of ways. We have been happy and enjoying each other’s company while basking on sunny days in the garden – when we’ve been gifted some sunshine that is, this past week it’s been thinner on the ground but not totally absent. In many ways we feel lucky to feel unaffected on a large scale and have been making the best of the situation if we can. It feels very strange that it’s been a summer holiday’s worth of time though and we still don’t know when and how things will get back to normal.

I feel very proud of the kiddos though who have just adapted. It helps that Beavers, cubs, ukulele etc are organising lessons remotely and that we’ve had family time on Zoom but really they have done mega well. They don’t moan (much) and Jimmy in particular has dealt wit his birthday coming at this odd time very well and with amazingly good grace, not sure I would have been the same at his age!

EIGHT! He turned EIGHT whole years old on Saturday and though eight IS still very little, it feels pretty grown up for my dinky boy to be another year older. We celebrated and had lots of fun with our army and world war 2 mad hooligan and I’m pretty sure he had a brilliant day! The build up of asking daily how many days reached fever pitch by last Monday and I shouldn’t think it will be long before he starts asking how many hundreds left until his next one. We had another lovely week and my lovely boy had his brilliant birthday – I’ve written a separate post for his birthday but couldn’t not mention it in the diary as it really was a day to remember. No massive trips, no meals out, nothing all singing or dancing at all really yet very special all the same and it’s made me wonder… All we really need is each other and I think perhaps birthdays to come may be a little less material and heavy on the thought and time with people as we all had such a fantastic day (and night as they slept in the tent which coincided with Beavers and cubs doing a remote sleep out too)!

And we feel especially blessed this week as after 11 years of working towards this goal Jonny has been offered and job (and accepted of course) to teach a mixed year 3 and 4 class at the school he was really enjoying learning at before the lockdown. He just loved it there and is mega excited to be starting in September which really will be 11 years after he started his OU course to get a degree hoping to one day use it to teach. It took 6 years and then we had the sticky issue of not being able to afford for him to take a year out teacher training but with some funny old decisions turning out to come clean in the wash we were finally able to tighten the belt for an unpaid year long on the job teacher training and now this… I am thriled for him. Happiness isn’t about money and this past few years have absolutely taught us that as a family. We had to take a massive reduction in income not just for this year of training but for the forseeable as an NQT wage isn’t really anywhere near what he is used to earning however, he is HAPPY! And he really wasn’t before. And ALL I want for anyone I love is them to have heartfelt reason to smile, thanks to Jonny right now we all do and we are over the moon for him and for us – he made his own luck, it certainly wasn’t handed to him on a plate and I think he’s bloody inspirational I really do!

Roll on more sunny days please!

Our routine is down pat now – the day starts with Joe Wicks and then it’s two hours of home school!
Which Jonny is very definitely better at than me and the children much prefer his hour with them over mine – I don’t blame them. Wish I had more patience for it but I don’t. I’m always running on about 10 different jobs at once and the distraction for me makes me grumpy. If we were told to down tools and have fun with them I could do that all day long but the teaching… It turns me into a horror!
I’m far better at the baking – Raffie and I did some more banana bread on Monday (are you even in a lockdown if you’re not making batch after batch of banana bread?!) while the bug kids worked with Jonny!
We saw a very soggy bike ride which the boys managed to stay dry in the Thule for!
While the rest of us were soaked!
Raffie loved learning to count with Hula Hoops – Who wouldn’t?!
Same goes for food… We eat the good stuff but we also eat stuff out of a can. It’s a balance right?! They ALL love Heinz cream of tomato and this moment made me laugh so much!
We had a bit of gaming. I am really not that bothered about lots of screen time. I only feel like I should be because other people are so I’ve decided to scrap that. I had LOADS of TV and computer growing up but still did loads of other things too and I think if my kids have the same then that’s ok. They go out every day, why not let them watch TV and chill or play Nintendo?!
After 11 years of this journey to becoming a teacher (he started his OU degree the September before Florence was born) Jonny will finally have his own class come September – he GOT the job and we celebrated!
More home school!
Which actually didn’t go too badly once we realised that Florence will fly through her own work then happily help Jimmy who responds to her really well… Maybe, just maybe 6 weeks in and we have a BIT more of an idea on how to do this?!
At one point this week we had nursery, Yr 3 AND Yr 5 working nicely together, can’t say fairer than that now can you?! Especially when Florence took over the teaching and did a brilliant job with both of her little brothers!
And Raffie helped me make some camo wrapping paper for Jimmy’s birthday presents!
Florence continued with her pyramid scheme!
Jimmy won for his hard work in school – Florence as a teacher somehow worked better than us and she got the very best out of Jimmy so I’m not surprised that he won the top of the pyramid this week!
A family doorstep picture – it was the best we could muster!
Raffie looked very grown up at times!
We still did Joe Wicks every single day!
And found ways to entertain ourselves that didn’t ALWAYS involve technology (mostly but this sort of thing did happen so I’m recording it, ha)!
I think we are actually LOVING the daily walk or bike ride. That might be something we miss you know, it really might!
Raffie is even doing very well either on foot or on his scooter!
And as if by magic, the afternoon before Jimmy’s birthday the sun came out again. It always does seem to when it’s his birthday and we always remark how lucky it is in amongst all the rainy days!
I am so glad that they have each other!
They’re so lovely!
Birthday boy Jimmy!
A fantastic day for all of us dedicated around the things that Jimmy loves – mainly army and world war two!
We had our to the minute that he was born picture – 09.17!
The big camp out!
And we finished pff the week with a family quiz! Onto week 7 in lockdown!