Joe Wicks Launches New Cookware Range At John Lewis – My Body Needs The Body Coach!

Joe Wicks launches new cookware range at John Lewis – My body needs the body coach!

Following on from my post about losing my grooming way I am feeling inspired to try and sort my whole body out! I’ve not only let myself go when it comes to the preening but I seem to have lost all sight when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle too and while I have talked about my 5 stages of the day regarding how I feel about food, exercise and getting in shape (on my Instagram stories recently), I really feel that I should do something about it!

My 5 stages of the day are:

  1. Wake up and feel banging ready to go on living a healthy lifestyle with exercise and food. Typically I will make myself banana and nut butter on rye, crack open a grapefruit or simply drink hot water with lemon to start the day.
  2. Go for a swim after walking round to get the baby to sleep in a car seat so that he can sit on the side while I exercise – dedication. Because it takes so long (baby in tow will have woken up + shower = not quick) I feel pumped and ready to go without any food so why bother with lunch? It will only add to my new slimmer way of life!
  3. Run round doing jobs forgetting to drink water or hydrate in any way. Perfect after a cheeky post swim sauna if the baby napped that long, not!
  4. Start to feel really hungry. Fight off food urges knowing it will undo my walk and swim!
  5. Think sod it and face dive into a curry. With a glass (who am I kidding, two thirds of a bottle) of wine on the side! 

So you see… It’s no wonder then that I am the heaviest I have ever been not pregnant and no, the ‘I’ve just had a baby’ line no longer really works, not in my own head at any rate, now that he’s ten months old and I need to sort it out. I was 8 and a half stone before I had Florence. I’m ten and a half now. And while I’ve never got back to that pre-any baby figure I did get down to 9 stone 10 for my wedding after having my first and I liked me then. I was happy with that. So that’s what I want to aim for. It’s only 1stone 4lb yet I just can’t seem to do it…

I’m confident to post pictures like this on Instagram. I’m proud of my body after being able to grow and feed three human beings but actually… I’m not really confident at all and I know if I lost some weight that I would be!

And then I got this cheeky little invitation from John Lewis who were having an intimate media breakfast with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, to launch his new kitchenware range (which is rather lovely and in store now) and the more I read about him and his lifestyle and the food he cooks and the way he exercises, the more I felt inspired to use his on line work outs and recipes in order to help myself get out of this rut! So I accepted the invitation… Of course! I was well happy to do so and last week that’s exactly what I went off to do! Breakfast with Joe Wicks and John Lewis!

Joe was gorgeous (actually really lovely to chat to and not just a pretty face) and so sweet with Raffie – I asked him about babies (he’s loving fatherhood) and his new range (his fave piece is the chopping board) and if he ever goes off piste with his own diet and allows a treat?! Of course he does he says… But not fast food (darn it) or take-aways (for goodness sake no wonder he looks like him and I look like me), instead he’d go for a really good quality burger and then do an extra work out the next day… I also asked him where a tubby mum tummed chum like me might start, as at the moment it’s a bit of a black hole… He suggested doing just 15 minutes at home using one of his beginner HIIT workouts because for a mum like me the time element is probably an issue (it is Joe, it is) and to make healthy choices. Ok… Well I’ll try. I’ll try with his recipe book and see how I get on and I’ll try his workouts too. My friend Charlotte has been banging on about them for months and she looks incredible! So I’ll do it! And… Of course I now have just the pan to cook everything in. And some really funky measuring cups (he wanted colour, quality and fun in his range) which double as a baby rattle if you ask Raffie!

A Joe Wicks at John Lewis pan and it’s all mine!

Anna Berry from John Lewis, who rather coincidentally got married in the exact same church that I did in Praia De Luz on the Algarve, is also married to a musician called John and has three children, one of whom is called Jonny, wow – told me that JL these days are creating a totally different type of cookware collection in general. Their customer base tells them that we all want to be healthier and have implements for home cooking which really assist us in achieving a lifestyle like the one Joe shows us on his Instagram feed. They are really excited, I am really excited, heck let’s all get excited! JL are basically my one stop shop for everything from fashion to the kitchen white goods. I realised recently that I’m a proper functioning adulting adult now that most of everything I buy comes from John Lewis and not having to go to any other shops suits me. It also suits me that their fashion in house brand is so good and today, on a tour of their new flagship store at Westfield in White City (which is a ball ache to get to for me but get to it again for a John Lewis fix I would) they showed me a whole floor of shoes, a personal shopping area like that you only see in American movies and a massive collection of small independent brands that the buyers have found using Instagram and influencers and put all under one collective umbrella in store! I can only hope they do this for the children’s clothing too which already has a fab department! I also like that at this particular store they have a salon (beauty AND hair) and it’s so clean and open and easy to navigate around. Then, naturally, there is the extensive kitchen range (I always have to have a butchers at the Emma Bridgewater stand – I am collecting mis-matched everything for the kitchen in her range) including the lovely Joe’s!

Joe whipped us up a super healthy and VERY yummy breakfast frittata using his new wares!
Meeting Joe – behind us everything from peelers and graters to pots and pans, all with Joe Wicks’s name and seal of approval on them!

I spoke to him after the event and Raffie and I had our picture taken with him! I told him that I’d started (but not finished) a cardigan for his new baby Indie and he gave me his address so that I can send it when it’s done – not his ACTUAL address obvs – I mean… I could be a crazy stalker – but one where the cardigan will get to him. And though I assure you I’m not a crazy stalker, I will stalk his Instagram from now on in for health purposes only (not because he’s so beautiful, not at all!) and when I get back from holiday (I’ll try and make good choices there too – and I’ll swim of course as always) I will be using his recipes and his cookware to create new and healthier recipes in a bid to getting back to my wedding weight of 9st 10. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Me on my wedding day at my beach party in the Algarve – this is the body I am aspiring to, nothing too crazy!

The Joe Wicks cookware range (£4.99 to £149.99) is in store and on line at John Lewis now.