Just passed your driving test? Here is what you need to know about being a young driver

Just passed your driving test? Here is what you need to know about being a young driver

Passing your driving test is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you during your young adult life. You are finally going to be able to have the freedom that you crave, as well as a pretty major responsibility too.

I learned to drive at the age of 35 and WISH i had done it before. The freedom it affords me and my family is worth its weight but as with anything adult it comes with responsibility!

Whilst there are plenty of great things about being able to drive, one of the worst things out there has to be just how expensive it is. Especially when you think about things that you need to pay out for such as insurance.

The bad news for younger drivers is that insurance is likely to cost you much more than it does for someone who is much older than you. Hardly seems fair when you are going to be getting used to all the other costs that come with owning a car too.

Why is this? What makes young drivers more expensive to insure and cover for? Well, here is all you need to now about those who are new to driving on the open road.

Why is it more expensive to over younger people?

The main reason that cover for younger drivers is more expensive than older drivers is because they are seen to be more reckless. This is not just a misconception. Research that was carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory found that drivers in their teenage years were responsible for 12% of all accidents on the UK roads. However, their numbers were only 1.5% of all motorists who are currently driving.

When you keep this in mind, you can see why this higher cost applies. Drivers who are younger are much more likely to take risks when they are driving, they are also lacking in real driving experience, which can lead to mistakes. Another common reason is because the younger you are, the less likely you are to see risks and hazards whilst you are driving.

It makes sense, when all of these things are considered, that younger drivers are going to be a bigger risk to cover and therefore will have a higher premium.

Can you bring the costs down?

It isn’t all bad news for younger drivers, thankfully there are things that you can do to try and bring the costs of cover down.

The first one is to try and drive as sensible a car as possible. Of course, you are going to want to make sure that your first car is one that you can remember, however, this can drive your premiums up. Think about cars that are less powerful (and can reach lower top speeds) and you will be more likely to pay less.

You can also choose a premium such as black box insurance, these types of policies will personalise your premium and show that you are a responsible driver, which means that you can bring down how much that you need to pay out on cover.

No matter how much it can cost to be a new driver, you should always hold onto the positives. You are now a car owner and thanks to your hard work passing your test, you can freely drive around the UK in your very own car.